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  1. 1+ siege
  2. My name is Awraz, its a Kurdish name. You might never heard of it, I also never seen someone with this name lol
  3. LOL true, there are many British people there. How did you know that?
  4. Benidorm, Spain My view from 4th - 7th April
  5. Hi =) and welcome to RenCorner, the most fun you can have on a corner!
  6. RA2 doesnt work for on Windows 10 also, I just get blackscreen, but if the game starts via cncnet, it works... idk why but it works lol Yes 3v3, survival games are fun
  7. Maybe we will see us :) Do you know how to add friends? I just found out how to private chat lol, but I dont know how to add friends Ok I know how to add friends, just right click on a name in lobby and add friend.
  8. Yeah, did you seen me on cncnet?
  9. uboom is Legend for sure, I found some old screenshots on my old HDD, check this one out, from ‎29th Decembre 2011, I was LayLowSky lol, my brother picked this name for me :D
  10. Nice man! I also play ra2 on cncnet since some days now, I used to play on gameranger... Yeah nowadays nobody plays with superweapons
  11. uboom is your dad?
  12. you play ra2 ?
  13. I never knew iB-mute.ed is mr.ed... thought its someone else. Good to knnow
  14. d00ds? whats that?
  15. I didnt played Complex with new 4.3 Version, but I also had this error on other maps like field etc. Deleting the mapfile.mix from DATA folder and replacing it with the mapfile.mix from backup (which is in your Renegade folder) helped me and I was able to load the map.