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  1. Peshmerga

    C&C Iron City

    Field is the best map human created. How can it get boring?
  2. Peshmerga

    is there any way to get rid of this

    go play online
  3. Peshmerga

    is there any way to get rid of this

    youre playing the wrong mode
  4. Peshmerga

    New donation from ExEric3

    youre the man
  5. Love that Golf R man!!! Lmao! I do hope you have one tuned

    1. Peshmerga


      No man :(  thats not mine lol

      Golf are really badass. I really want a Golf VI R or Golf VII GTI, but I dont got the money lol

      I think I will buy a Passat CC next year or a BMW 3 Series, im not sure yet

  6. Peshmerga

    Word Association

  7. Peshmerga

    Little House

    Its really beautiful
  8. Peshmerga

    Christmas Fun War. 16th Dec.

    I think I will be in, but im not sure
  9. Peshmerga

    hi people

    40 different tanks per team
  10. Peshmerga

    Possibly adding new map to rotation?!

    1+ siege
  11. Peshmerga

    Whats your name

    My name is Awraz, its a Kurdish name. You might never heard of it, I also never seen someone with this name lol
  12. Peshmerga

    My view right now

    LOL true, there are many British people there. How did you know that?
  13. Peshmerga

    My view right now

    Benidorm, Spain My view from 4th - 7th April
  14. Peshmerga


    Hi =) and welcome to RenCorner, the most fun you can have on a corner!
  15. Peshmerga

    Command & Conquer - Show Your Bases

    RA2 doesnt work for on Windows 10 also, I just get blackscreen, but if the game starts via cncnet, it works... idk why but it works lol Yes 3v3, survival games are fun