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  1. Aren't you TOO similar to me? (Git smth original)
  2. You're like maybe the 5th one. I believe many of the staff are secretly Untouchable. I can only guarantee Guard is untouchable, but since he is an ancient staff I doubt he is the most recent.
  3. Enough with the "Jelo Petition nonsense."
  4. Oh great. It's time for me to "drop the hammer and dispense some indiscriminate justice." Well anyways I suggest you close this topic NOW, because begging is not going to get you anywhere. (Neither will petitioning)
  5. Man, I HATE Halloween. Should have never been created in the first place.
  6. One does not simply apply for builder rank. I want to see these "structures" in order to make an educated guess as whether you'll be ready for builder rank... Nota Bene: We give it to you when we believe you're ready.
  7. Speaking of prize... I didn't even know it existed
  8. Ah.... good old Starcraft Brood War
  9. Just look at this ludicrousness Edit : It only seems to affect torrenting
  10. Greetings again, Is there such thing as a true "Temporary Modererator?" You see, I wished to apply but now I find myself with under a hour of spare time per day. So basically, I am asking for a low level helper-like position that does not need to be very active. Does such a position exist?
  11. So the votes are all gone now? If so, why?
  12. That's the most common (and the worst) excuse I know.
  13. This is too funny
  14. Well, well, well.... what have we got here.... look in that bottom left corner. I can't see it clearly but it does say something along the lines of: "Beta Test TerraHack Mod v0.9.7a Beta" I don't care if it's really a hack or not but the rules stated cleary you are to only use a vanilla client. Any topic that has to do with ban revocation and bans in general should be posted HERE
  15. I'll be right here, In case if you guys want to talk, I just don't have the will to continue playing :)