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  1. I entered on your profile

    I started playing Terraria

    Then the music started on high volume



    My ears started bleeding


  2. Hello? Did you even readed my messages?

    1. adsdfsad


      NVM, i didn't even READ WELL what you wrote.

    2. Lel


      sat how come rencorner isnt updated to 1.3.1 update it plz im getting bord 


  3. Yep, it doesn't let me post nothing and it just shows me stuff from when i registered.
  4. Not people, but when i logged in, it said "Happy birthday, TheNope" and now it disappeared.
  5. Hummmm, the forum is saying today IS my birthday, but it isn't!
  6. Happy Birthday Panny!
  7. In the next 2 weeks i want to be on this competition, if theres going to have one
  8. I know it's not the right place to post it, but for me, the shoutbox just froze, and i cannot post anything, so please do fix it.
  9. I liked your profile music.

  10. Guys, i has been angered with ANOTHER server because some guys started annoy me so much, so i entered this server and (i'm sorry for that!) i started blaming people. please do forgive me, just do it and i'll help everyone as you guys want to. I'm so sorry for that, i don't even know where my mind was at. I promise not doing it again, because i seen it's not cool with people, as it was not going be cool for me.