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  1. alex

    game download

    yeah but it says cant find renegade install directory
  2. alex

    game download

    when I click connect I cant click again
  3. alex

    game download

    when I click connect on reenlist nothing happen
  4. alex

    game download

    also when I use reenlist I cant connect to any server they don't let me click on connect and when using the old renegade there isnt any server.
  5. alex

    hey ehh why don't u show some sympathy for the devil ?

  6. alex

    game download

    also im stuck on tiny screen I don't remember how I fixed it 4 years ago
  7. alex

    game download

    bought the origin version but tiberium technologie patch doesn't work im stuck with a small screen and no servers. PC master race my ass u need a fucking PhD to play games.
  8. alex

    game download

    stats never lie
  9. alex

    game download

    lol u wish mate
  10. alex

    game download

    I just bought a new pc but their isn't a dvd player in it so whats the safest place to download renegade. I have the key. P.S. Im SPARTAN so if u want ur ass kicked again in ren u better help me mate
  11. can u do something about orion he keeps blowing my tank ( when hes in my team ) and got it killed by agt when I tried to repair it. He also keeps talking shit to me


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    2. Vultima


      Im not sure who you are btw, "alex" not enough to go off :P

    3. shaitan



    4. Manuel857


      I already took care of it when Alex pmd me. well sorta. told SPARTAN and Orion to ignore eachother.

  12. ty for keeping renegade alive and running

    1. WNxM45T3R


      Thanks for keeping the nUbs warm for me ;-)

    2. alex


      how do I link this account to Spartan I want my donator privileges



  13. unmute me plz


    1. alex


      btw I didn't insult u I just said f u

  14. alex


    wnx is the problem if he didn't talk shit about me it would have been alright. I'm always the top player ( and not the point whoring kind) and this bitch is only sniping . He does nothing for his team and always finish last on the losing team. And after all that he say I suck at the game, it makes me super angry.
  15. alex


    can someone unmute me plz I'm SPARTAN