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  1. luca and do u realise that it should not be ok for people to call you a bad words?
  2. ive seen EVERYONE bullying me STAFF are too no joke!!!!!!! i have screenshot proof please have them stop bullying i want it so that if staff are rude they get perma ban for rc FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not letting them back if they payed 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999$ to get back nope this is important i dont want to be bullied "aboheman is a (inaproprite word)" they will say or "aboheman is a noob who needs help" worst part "dont do anything about it im not done being rude to him yet" that last one is ESPECIALY what i heared please make it so mods cant do anything like that
  3. IMPORTANT: only reply to the right vote poll aboheman or wizardofocelot may do many but anyways the first vote what is ur favorite minecon cape? (2014 = random) reply in the number ex: I (my username) vote 2011 the choices are 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
  4. oh also when I was riding my horse in a 3 block high area I randomly died I got my stuff back YAY but lost xp AWW RANDOM DEATH BUG
  5. at times I crash and cant log in for HOURS once it was 3 WHOLE DAYS there is a major bug going on and survival can be off for hours when I cant get in also when I chat thru the dynmap it will say dougsterrr not abo
  6. you would want to because like if you got to end I was thinking end island would have chorus plant for purpur AND elytra + dragon head that's what u would be why youd want to restart to get to the elytras its not too op in skyblock but it still is fun to use
  7. that's not true actually I was thinking just now you have to EARN the choice to restart with a better island like with normal you would need lvl 75 to get nether in nether perhaps 100 it would get hard in nether due to low resources and low island level adding with netherrack with a custom netherrack gen tho there would be at spawn netherrack for cobble and endstone for cobble xD I think of it as like progress earned
  8. oh yea I forgot to include one thing: baby Rabbit morph if possible
  9. I was thinking as some other servers we need packages to go with the month now ik pets pluggin works in 1.9 cuz a nother server uses it anyways I was thinking something like this for a 2016 easter 5$ package baby rabbit pet (all servers) (baby mobs only obtained in monthly packages) egg named &6&leaster egg (all gamemode 0 servers) kit easter: <item*> named &6&leaster <item> (all gamemode 0 servers) title: &6&l[Easter] OR &6&l[Easter Bunny] 16 spawn rabbit named &6&lEaster Bunny
  10. I DONT MEAN ISLAND BIOMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I meen islands that look difrent with difrent items like end would have a dragon head on end island because its end DIFRENT THEMES like skyblock island made of endstone with a endship or something
  11. i think 1.9 skyblock should have island options: nether end normal i am going to make the islands on creative if you want to view them and check and see if you like the island type thing
  12. whatever the crates ones are just IDEAS
  13. anyways say what u think about vote is only one and feel free to suggest more item rewards but next one: donator: obtained every 2 days for donors items: mega crate key (announced soon,) keep inventory on death, donor kit like with a diamond sword named:&2&k&l::&3&lDonor Sword&2&k&l:: enchanted knockback 3, /d iron golem, 5 uses of /skull (all servers,) /glow, kitty launcher, block disquise, /skin set, 3 diamonds, pet player
  14. anyways crates I was thinking about types! I came up with 3 vote: obtained by voting vote crate items: enchanted gold apple, pig spawner, rank upgrade, title: VoteR, seasonal title, title: #iamLucky, special kit voter with items like diamond sword named: &a&lVote Sword, gold hoe unbreakable named: &6&l&n THE GOD HOE, 5 experience point levels, 10 iron, and a stack of cobblestone
  15. thats ok still