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  1. Skilz

    New donation from l00mpa

    Thanks so much!
  2. Skilz

    Random Photoshop Work.

    Minecraft has it's cave spider, Terraria has a giant pumpkin trying to kill you. add it please maybe? I love them all Ice, the Blue and Purple especially, amazing job!
  3. Skilz

    Arcus' VIP Application

    Accepted! Don't forget to type /vote daily and to participate in events to an upgraded VIP rank, prefixed armor and specially prefixed weapons! Look forward to our upcoming RPG Server! ~ Skilz
  4. Skilz

    S.O.S we need admins...

    Love you too Shai xD Thanks you guys, and congrats to Masscarriers too!
  5. Skilz

    ProfessorMFL's Raid Lead Application

    Greetings ProfessorMFL, it is my great burden to inform you that you have been denied due to inactivity. As you can imagine, we need active Raid Leaders to attempt runs often. Once you pick up your activity, feel free to contact me, or apply once again! P.S: Your only road block is the activity, which can be fixed quite quickly, you seem to have a myriad of Lost Halls and Shatters knowledge, So that helps out a lot! ~ Skilz
  6. Skilz

    7o27a's Raid Leader APP

    Greetings 7027a, I regret to inform you that your application has been denied due to the lack of Lost Halls and Shatters experience. We require Raid Leaders to have ample knowledge of these dungeons, as to make the runs both more organized and fun. Otherwise your application looks quite solid! When you successfully complete more of these dungeons, feel free to apply again! :) ~ Skilz
  7. Skilz

    Cqntact's Raid Leader Application

    Greetings Cqntact! I have some great news, after not much consideration (because your application was great, and all checked out). We've decided to give you a chance at leading! "Raidlens" will be given Trial Raid Leader, and we'll teach you how to do dungeon runs from there! Once more, congratulations! Take pride in being the first RCTerraria Raid Leader!
  8. Skilz

    ProfessorMFL's Raid Lead Application

    I was reviewing your application again and noticed your register date, ya forgot to specify the year! https://gyazo.com/6423757c11e2081b58230c2cfb410b1c Here's your true register date (Over a year!) :)
  9. Skilz

    terarria vip zeke

    Accepted! Don't forget to type /vote daily and to participate in events to an upgraded VIP rank, prefixed armor and specially prefixed weapons!  Keep an eye out for our discord in game, events and such are announced there, as well as the discord economy! ~ Skilz
  10. Skilz

    7o27a's Raid Leader APP

    Hiya 7027a, thanks for applying for Raid Leader! Give us some time to process the application and we'll get back to you in at most a week. Until then, make sure to try to be as active as possible and do as many dungeons as possible! ~ Skilz
  11. Skilz

    ProfessorMFL's Raid Lead Application

    Hey ProfessorMFL, Thanks for being our first applicant. We'll review you application within the next week and give you an answer within or at that time. In the mean time though, keep doing dungeons and continue to be helpful and active! ~Skilz
  12. Skilz

    Cqntact's Raid Leader Application

    Heya Cqntact, Thanks for applying! We'll get back to you in at most a week with our final verdict. In the mean time keep doing dungeons and stay active. c: ~ Skilz
  13. Skilz

    Minecon Earth

  14. Skilz

    New donation from JonRambo

    Holy, thanks man!
  15. Skilz


    As we say in Terraria: https://gyazo.com/68b3a5ab262d0887c9278d51729c39f8 ("You are responsible for you! If you let someone else on your account, you are responsible for their actions! NO EXCUSES!") I'd try to logout of the site when you leave your computer unattended, then log back in once you're ready; to assure that this doesn't happen again.
  16. Skilz

    VIP APP.

    Says your forums account was made on March 8th, 2015. Seems you've also had this issue with Satomi on the topic: Oldest evidence is on March 8th 2015, in the same topic. You'll still be accepted as a VIP (\o/) but I'd like to get to the bottom of this at some point. Account wipes and etc do not effect forum accounts. I'm confident that I'm missing something, but I'm tired, wake me up tomorrow (as in open my eyes)
  17. To apply to become a Raid Leader in-game, create an application in Terraria VIP [copy these questions, press the back button, click Start New Topic, and paste and answer the questions.] A Terraria Raid Leader is someone who we trust enough to lead private dungeons when staff isn't around, (such as The Shatters & Lost Halls). You must have applied for VIP to obtain this rank. Lost Halls, Shatters and other dungeon ranks do not count. This rank does come with responsibility. You do need to understand the rules of the server and have no negative history with staff member, nor bias to any player. There is no age requirement, however we do expect you to have at least the mental maturity of an American public schooled thirteen to fourteen year old. You'll be provided with everything you need to start the dungeon and successfully lead your group to victory in these dungeons (aka commands). Raid Leader also comes with the perk of being able to use dungeon class special abilities. It is a requirement to be in the Official Rencorner Terraria Events Server so that way you can easily contact staff members and call out players for dungeons. (If you haven't already joined: https://discord.gg/vhRuAgg ). Make sure to label your post "NAME's Raid Leader Application". This is not a staff rank. Trial Raid Leader, Raid Leader, and Head Leader are below Helper in regards to authority! If you're interested in becoming a moderator, check out http://rencorner.com/index.php?/topic/5097-read-this-before-applying-to-be-a-terraria-moderator/. 1) What is your real name? 2) Please select a character name you'd like Raid Leader on. This rank will not replace any rank, as it is supposed to be separate and only used in certain scenarios (Only while actively using the rank for leading dungeons!). That does mean you'd need to have two accounts, one for regular play, and one for raid leading. 3) How old are you? 4) How long have you been playing Terraria? 5) How long have you been playing on our server? 6) How active are you? (Be as detailed as possible!) 6) How well do you know Terraria mechanics of wiring and sensors? 7) Why do you want to be a Raid Leader? (Be honest, we can tell if you want it for the commands and such.) 8) How many Lost Halls, Shatters and Other dungeons do you think you have completed? (Round to the nearest tenth) 9) Why should we pick you as a Raid Leader for RCTerraria? 10) You accidentally use a command incorrectly and now someone has a special ability that they normally shouldn't have, what do you do? 11) A player rushes the dungeon without the group and without permission, what do you do? (Be Very detailed) 12) A player who wanted to join a dungeon is breaking the set rules at the start (in this case taking items from more than one chest), what do you do? How would you handle it if there was no one online to assist you at the time? 13) Do you promise to never abuse commands/waypoints or anything else that you may or may not have access to? 14) What does this rank mean to you?
  18. Skilz

    What's your speeds!

    10 Months after I move I decide to post it, nice one Skilz https://gyazo.com/5b31356ca39e46dafcfdb42f83882064 Still slower than Sat's (Japan Internet), but I'm getting there :P
  19. So, I was recording a video on Terraria and I accidentally both 1) Recorded at 240 fps instead of 60 and 2) Left my mic on in the background and it's picking up weird sounds that I didn't hear while recording. So I want to remove the audio from the video entirely. As said above I accidentally recorded at 240 fps, so that being said the file is 543 mb, meaning that www.audioremover.com doesn't work (has a cap of 500 mb). So anyone know how to remove audio from an mp4? Answers could be a trusted audio removing website, a free video editing software that doesn't try to steal your information.
  20. Skilz

    How do I remove audio from an mp4?

    I got it! I used masscarriers' method but all I really did was export the file at the highest quality it let me, it cut the size from 543mb to around 300, so I then took it to audioremover.com. Thanks for the help everyone above. https://youtu.be/ylJq0qsu_dw If you really want to check it out \o/
  21. https://gyazo.com/dde0fd394a1623b5175ac1bc45b5f066 Taken on the 17th, if you returned the 23rd that's just shy of two weeks bud.
  22. Skilz

    How do I remove audio from an mp4?

    Tried that too, I'll give it another go, not a single clue on how to do that nor did I know photos could even do that so maybe I did something wrong.
  23. Skilz

    How do I remove audio from an mp4?

    https://gyazo.com/19b54b9632cc936a41c83b52b34c5fc4 :/
  24. Skilz

    New donation from ice187dna

    Thanks Ice. c:
  25. Skilz

    What is your favourite TV series?

    Dragonball Series. Can't get enough intensive screaming ;p