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  1. I believe you're missing /login (even though it tells you multiple times when you're stoned at spawn :p)
  2. Oh. Interesting... If you have played before, you would have known to correctly fill out the correct template for VIP. (located here: I recommend you apply for normal VIP until we completely sort this out :)
  3. Random blurb: The Portal Gun has a maximum range of 675 blocks (1350 feet)
  4. Thank you Ice! I hope the icy terraria screenshots were to your liking <3
  5. 1) If you read the Tempmod application properly its for Tempmod or Helper. Other ranks will be earned in time if you do your normal duties well. This shows that you haven't read the forum all the way through, or ignored it. Pretty sure you just saw the "click here" and went right to applying. 2) I highly doubt you're 24, If we catch you lying that will lower your chances of being accepted. 3) The first version was 1.0 (If you knew you would have put that). 4) I made a capture the gem arena, officially finished around 3 weeks ago. 5) Contact Satomi about your official register date. (I might do this myself if possible) Edit: 6) you have /w and /tell aswell as /whisper. Your application will be under consideration, you'll get an answer soon. (Patience is very very important!) Good Luck! This topic doesn't require other replies.
  6. This is a message for port 7779. stop complaining and get busy
  7. Charre and I have just recently defeated plantera in our Expert World. We went in the dungeon for 10-15 minutes, and pulled out this mountain of loot. (for the time period) If charre and I can get all this in a quarter of an hour, so can you. All you need to do is put some work into it c:
  8. Re-read that. "You've had 3 VIP accounts and we've changed your password 8 times due to forgetfulness, and the last two times you were warned that 1) you won't get more resets and 2) you won't get more VIP transfers. If you don't care about VIP or your accounts enough to write your password down somewhere, it's not fair to expect us to keep making up for your mistakes. Figure out your passwords, please. "
  9. (Locked, there is no further reply needed)
  10. Regardless of the time we said, things do not always go to plan. So you need to have patience. We are still considering you application, and you will be given an answer soon.
  11. Ice, you need anymore pictures for your Facebook? Feel free to any of the ice builds I posted. c:

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    2. ice187dna


      Done, added some more.

    3. Skilz


      Great. Ill try to build some more ice related things c:

    4. ice187dna


      I like the sound of that....:joker:

  12. :D
  13. Jeez man, hardcore...
  14. This hearts my eyes... just to read that.
  15. Holy. This is the most attention seeking prank ive ever seen.