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    Great with an Unreal Sniper Rifle

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    I have a lot of free time so I try and make some pixel art. ter.rencorner.com 7777 has loads of em, if you ever want to stop by, type /warp qc and head left

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  1. Skilz

    7o27a's Staff App

    7o27a, you haven't been in-game for seven-teen days now. You and I both know what that means. Your application has been denied due to inactivity. If and when you become active again and try for TempMod/Helper again, contact Satomi, Charre or myself. ~ Skilz
  2. Skilz

    December Minecraft Promotion

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm It's close to Christmas, so I'll let it slide ;p Good Job Blu.
  3. Skilz

    Mah vip in terr terr

    7) How long have you been playing on our server? 8 Months Other than that - Accepted! Don't forget to vote daily and to participate in events to receive an upgraded VIP rank, prefixed armor and specially prefixed weapons! Look forward to our upcoming RPG Server! After one month of actively playing, you can ask a SeniorMod or Admin for VIP+ which comes with more benefits and permissions, including the ability to summon invasion events! ~ Skilz
  4. Skilz

    Gaming Christmas trees.

    Alright then, Mr.Grinch
  5. Hiya, there's no actual staff being promoted today, however there are three honorable mentions I'd like to shed light on, they've earned it. Before I start, Raid Leaders are people who lead multiplayer dungeons in my absence, they are a humongous help and they make it tons of fun for our community. Welcome @Sickle to Full Raid Leader! He's our first full Raid Leader, he's been doing a fantastic job lately, from what I've seen he's successfully completed around 20 or so dungeons! Keep it up Sickle and you'll be the Head Raid Leader if and when I get around to making the rank Now welcome @Vexcrate & @Eric to Trial Raid Leader - They've shown genuine interest, dedication and participation to doing in-game dungeons as well as having magnetic personalities. I have no doubt they'll make great additions to the team of dungeon raiding! Good job you three! Keep on Raiding, the more you do lead the more motivation I have to make newer and more challenging dungeons & events! ~ Skilz yes I have permission to post this here
  6. Skilz

    Eric's raid application thing.

    Eric, after you saying you'd be more active regularly, I've decided to look over your application again and I have good news, you've been accepted! Guidelines on how to be a Raid Leader are in the discord channels in the Raiding category. Happy Raiding! ~ Skilz
  7. Skilz

    Vexcrate's Raid Leader App

    Hiya Vexcrate, it's my pleasure to inform you that you've been accepted as a Trial Raid Leader. Congratulations! You and I are both in-game at the time of writing this, so when you do see this reply you can think about this moment and remember it for the rest of your stay at Rencorner. :> ~ Skilz
  8. Skilz

    App for Terraria Helper

    Heya Troy, thank you for your application. We will go through it and discuss your application, and get back to you soon. Until then, stay active and behave for the next week or two! ~ Skilz
  9. Skilz

    Vexcrate's Raid Leader App

    Thanks for applying Vex. I'll give you the yes or no tonight. ~ Skilz
  10. Skilz

    Gaming Christmas trees.

    Can I strap my displays and have like twenty feet of rgb around it and call it a day? The second one is freaken' awesome.
  11. Skilz

    New donation from goosy122

    Thank you!
  12. Skilz

    Renegade Christmas Public Fun War.

    Makes me laugh everytime lol.
  13. Skilz

    New donation from DANTE

    Thank you Dante.
  14. Skilz

    7o27a's Staff App

    Greetings 7o27a, As of today you haven't been in-game for twelve days. I would highly recommend you step up your activity if you still want to be considered for TempMod. ~ Skilz
  15. Skilz


    VIP revoked and user banned. https://haste.unbelievable.pizza/tudosapeci.txt https://haste.unbelievable.pizza/nogurimuvu.txt