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  1. Ice, you need anymore pictures for your Facebook? Feel free to any of the ice builds I posted. c:

    1. ice187dna


      Yea that will be brilliant. Thanx.

  2. Jeez man, hardcore...
  3. This hearts my eyes... just to read that.
  4. Holy. This is the most attention seeking prank ive ever seen.
  5. Thank you for applying. We'll get back to you soon with an answer. (You can only apply for Helper or Tempmod. Not HalfMod).
  6. Rackz, you've donated what $900 to $1000?. Thanks for all of it c: time to rethink your choices ey? <3
  7. OSTKbaguette, love it. Love it. I love it I love it I love it. (My signature is meme if you play rotmg)
  8. Accepted! Don't forget to do /vote daily! Enjoy your stay at RenCorner!
  9. Ive had this character for over a year, it was my second fully maxed, all I have to do now is accept it and move on. RIP RotMG (this game) is a perma death game, meaning when you die, you lose everything on that character. Some people have been playing the game for 5-6 years and have never gotten a maxed out character and no where near the "total Fame earned", I was gifted with the skills to know how to survive this long. Imagine you spent hundreds of dollars in a rare collectable than watch it be destroyed.
  10. Icy Dungeon to match the icy spawn! Thanks to Charre to filling in the walls world edit wasn't working so you better appreciate this :p
  11. Thanks for applying. We'll get back to you with a response soon. Remember to stay active and /vote daily! I used worldedit to copy the snow house. (Yes, this means I built it)
  12. Accepted! Don't forget to type /vote and protect your house(s) and Enjoy your perks!
  13. If its an entire new world...