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  1. gratz on 500th post
  2. Where are ya man? 

  3. Cuphead
  4. Happy Birthday @Charreand @LunaFang I know what its like to have the forum not give you a birthday post, that's 2 years in a row forums. So here ya go! enjoy your new Mic Charre, soon...
  5. vip request

    Accepted! Enjoy your perks and don't forget to /vote daily! (you can participate in events to use prefixed armor and specially prefixed weapons!)
  6. XD
  7. smart
  8. get on me level mate We're moving into an area that wont have that internet provider available and its Comcast (aka xfinity afaik) which is fucking garbage (so ive read) Pray for me that I wont go to 12 gigs of download upload Idfc. Or don't pray, ya shouldn't really care for someone over the internet ;p
  9. I Believe Ive mentioned before in the past, not sure if it was directly to you but ^. Cause as I said on Electro's post. Just replace the word griefing with spamming.
  10. the fucks my birthday post formus!? Happy Birthday, ehh. Keep the memes and joke coming!
  11. Merry Thanksgiving! and hallow's eve

  12. Have some ice music, Ice ;p

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    2. ice187dna


      Was it your Birthday the other day? Happy Last Month's Birthday....bit late oops. 

    3. Charre
    4. Skilz


      Yeah on Oct 29th, Charre is on Nov 14th! \o/ sorry for the late reply

  13. Here's to 10K topics. Pretty cool huh? 1̶0̶,̶0̶0̶1̶ n̶o̶w̶.̶.̶.̶
  14. Mother of god your profile music scared the shit out of me ;p

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    2. TDxSAP


      same, I thought it was broken

    3. display


      oh well :P

    4. Skilz


      You need to change your theme to the default, not (Default)
      (find that at the bottom left) then click the one that doesn't have a checkmark on it. 

  15. (deleted your double post) @mdogg1108 Damn Formus