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  1. Thanks bud!
  2. Thank you Charre!
  3. We didn't need that fancy stuff anyways. We did, we really did, send help.
  4. while you have only been here 6 days, In the future, if you're going to apply for something else, please make sure you don't lie and have accurate information!) Accepted! Don't forget to do /vote daily and after 1 month of having VIP, you can ask for VIP+ Enjoy your perks! Fear the halls
  5. It seems your register date is 9/16/2017. We take lying quite seriously, you might not have known your register date (when you arrived and started playing), however that means you should have asked a staff member. Your application will be put on hold until you're here the required 2 weeks. Good Luck!
  6. You live? Do not tempt fate. My new Event God, Glacialis, will freeze the life out of you mortals with ease. The three ancient Ice Tomb bosses have been waiting patiently for your arrival for more eons than existence its self. However, you must first vanquish Glacialis, enter the Tomb of Glacial Dominance and trudge through it's traps and guardians. The Forgotten Sentry - Forgotten Rubble (100% chance of a Tomb of Glacial Dominance, TGD for short, upon death.)
  7. I know this isn't my jurisdiction, however this is an attack, and as it seems YOU asked to be banned, so if you were in my jurisdiction, I would have done the same, or at the very least something very close to it. I agree 100% You should state what happened in a respectful manner and request what you want in a professional manner. By attacking a staff member, regardless of their actions is inappropriate and from where I come from, that will only extend your punishment and may even end up in a perma. I am NOT a a renegade moderator as I stated, but seeing this topic I felt I needed to share my opinions, thank you for your time Tomo and other moderators and community members that should come across this topic
  8. Picture speaks for itself.
  9. You know, you can refuse my .png but you cant refuse a link. damn forums
  10. @ice187dna Here ya go ice, enjoy tag me damnit (There would be a picture here, but the forums are shieet and giving me an error -200 when I try and upload
  11. 'Tis about time I brag to yall what my internet is like, Better than all of ya's (except like one or something)
  12. Accepted! Don't forget to do /vote daily and enjoy your perks. Fear the halls.
  13. Accepted! Don't forget to do /vote daily and enjoy your perks. Fear the halls.
  14. Yes, they were dealt with accordingly, if they does come back we'll be ready for them.