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    Gaming both video and card form. History nerd of the sciences, and rotc

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  1. Lodestar

    Public annoucement!

    I have realized that i have not been very active on rencorner as of late. I truly apologize but school has me pretty busy not to mention life as well. I will be staying with rencorner though and will be on as often as my time permits. I do hope that this wont affect the results of the server experience much (lol probably wont even matter) and i will try my best to keep up to date. thank you for your understanding -Chris Kalis the Lodestar
  2. School has slowed down my activity doubt it matters much but just letting u know

  3. School in one week? I'm ready for action!

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    2. BillieJoe67


      Didn't know they had soap in the school showers

  4. Lodestar

    Off to camp

    hehe you all are so incouraging
  5. Lodestar

    Off to camp

    Hello rencorner i must unfourtunatly inform that i will be away from july 29 to aug 1 and will not be online in the between time. I will be going to a JROTC summer camp during that time and i just wanted to let all of you here ( or at least the ones that care anyway) that i will be away.
  6. Lodestar

    Happy sysadmin day

    I just discovered i actually am having pizza for dinner tonight o.o What are the odds? XD
  7. Lodestar

    Happy sysadmin day

    That was a very interesting add, i like how i can get socks from it XD
  8. Lodestar

    Happy sysadmin day

    thats too bad hope you it gets better for you and besides day's not over yet
  9. Lodestar

    Happy sysadmin day

    Im a little young for the beer but its a nice sentiment none the less. Happy sysadmin day to you too.....i guess edit:now you got me thinking of pizza
  10. Lodestar

    minecraft morning login issue?

    Is there a certain reason i cant login to the minecraft server? it doesnt say its down or anything ...just cant get online for what seems to be no particular reason at all. If possible i'd like to know why i cant login and if you guys didnt already know about this ...well now you know
  11. Lodestar

    RenCorner Website

  12. Lodestar

    RenCorner Website

    Lundy making youtube videos? hehe this should be interesting.
  13. Lodestar

    Heads up

    Just to let all of u guys know i will be on vacation for a week so i will not be online. Hope u guys dont miss me much and i will see all of you (mostly) when i get back next week. Until then the lodestar bids u all at the rencorner community a fair farwell.
  14. Lodestar

    Rencorner Promotions, Updates, and Expansion.

    this is great news rust looks like a pretty cool game to me and it will be nice to see new players and servers in minecraft glad to see rencorner has grown
  15. The Hero king has returned (again)