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  1. Epic. PS. Can I have your scope?
  2. black-cell was my first server. Original home of @Whitedragon also
  3. IMO, you don't get unmuted for this. Ever.
  4. Woo, we already have a resident Aussie here thanks! .....you're not actually from the outback are you?
  5. +1 I think 50 is borderline too high.
  6. I actually find uneven teams in a small server pretty fun. Can put you to the test.
  7. I hope not. It was horrible.
  8. Been there, tried that. It ended up being a PT timed C4 spamming contest. I personally love the map, but it doesn't fit in an AOW server.
  9. Quick getaway to Sydney this weekend. Nice break from an otherwise hectic month. This is my view right now. Post your holiday pics!
  10. Generally as long as you don't have to glitch to get there, then its allowed.
  11. Wait, how does this picture relate?
  12. ^
  13. It's effectively a flaming vehicle...
  14. I personally like the idea, but it comes down to the same old debate. AOW players will hate it and quit out. We've tried them before, so I'm afraid this one will be no different.
  15. 5am. I'll be sitting this one out. In some old mods vs. regulars games at BC, we had someone who spectated and filmed it. Just a thought...