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  1. I’ve been around a lot longer than you realise, clearly, but I’m not interested in a dick measuring contest, so I’m not even going try and justify why that makes me a more suitable moderator. If you think knowing all the commands makes you a good moderator, then perhaps that gives you some more insight into why you got voted down.
  2. I won’t “make you”. We’re big enough not to ban you based on a personal disagreement. Which you clearly can’t see. The “I was here before you” argument really holds no weight, and is arguably false. Congratulations on your experience, but you’re not a mod now. You applied, and it got voted down, which should tell you something. So you’d have no idea what happens behind the scenes. I couldn’t care less if you stay. I just find it so ironic you choose to stay somewhere that you clearly hate so much.
  3. I bring fair moderating and a constructive attitude. As do all of our team. A lot of it is behind the scenes - the best moderating is that which you don’t see. Your attitude is critical, skeptical, negative and damaging. ...implies that such complaints should be ignored. Can you leave now?
  4. You hamper me, I hamper you. Also I note you have nothing to say about your actual contribution to the community? Case in point? You complain about mods not investigating complaints, then you yourself confirm we shouldn’t. Thanks.
  5. I generally will, but if its a serial complainer, I won't waste my time.
  6. 1. Do you know how often people page mods to complain about invis? If we responded to every single one, we'd get no game time of our own. It's not right to ignore it, but it's also a waste of time to respond to every complaint, especially when the people complaining are known for their whining. Believe it or not, we have a pretty good instinct for when people are just crying for the sake of it, and we deserve our own game time as well. We're not here to be at your beck and call. 2. If you really hate it here, why do you continue to play here? You have nothing positive to add to the community, you mod bash at any given opportunity, paint us all with the same brush based on the actions of one or two, and seem to hate your time here generally. Contribute to the community and maybe we'll start to take you seriously.
  7. You bet your ass I can @mdogg1108
  8. FML
  9. I actually fully support this and was thinking about bringing it to the forums for discussion anyway. It's clearly a glitch and means you don't stand a chance when going 1 on 1, or even 2 on 1. Ridiculous. Glad we have a coded solution though.
  10. Epic. PS. Can I have your scope?
  11. black-cell was my first server. Original home of @Whitedragon also
  12. IMO, you don't get unmuted for this. Ever.
  13. Woo, we already have a resident Aussie here thanks! .....you're not actually from the outback are you?
  14. +1 I think 50 is borderline too high.