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  1. I meant to say -778 65 -324
  2. My name is sharka8u, and I have worked very hard on my build in my plot, which is located at -778 . 65 . -324. I would very much appreciate the chance to have a bigger plot, world edit and free range to make my dream a reality. -Sharka8u (Trusted)
  3. Your first name - Luke Your in game name, also include any other names you use. - Sharka8u Your age is? 14 Where you are from? Selah, Washington How long you have been playing Minecraft? For two years Was our server recommended by a friend? if so, who? No How did you find Rencorner By browsing through servers with my friend and finding this one Do you play any other Rencorner games (ie killing floor, terraria)? No