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  1. - using a shared serial... - being sketchy There's no way "lagging graphics" or any kind of lag equals a one-man wall hop. You're either jumping by yourself against the wall intentionally trying to lag yourself over, or you're using the glitch to easily make it over, or a mix of the two. - being unnecessarily rude and antagonistic Had you simply talked with dippy instead of going on a self-righteous rant things could've been cleared up without all the histrionics. Hardly "no reason at all". Personally I'm also bothered by your assertion that it's very well known who hacks and who doesn't when it's coming from a person who can't make a clear distinction between lag (network latency) and lagging graphics (framerate). But, please, if you have serious suspicions about players bring them to a mod's attention. We are not going to address every instance of "hacker" and "cheater" that gets spewed in All-chat, but we will look into those brought directly to our attention. Also, it's quite easy to say "everyone" knows who hacks, that's just crowd wisdom. We have have/had many Moderators with a wide range of skill and in-depth knowledge of the game and we as players have no more interest in playing with people who are cheating than anyone else. So unless all we mods (past/present/future) are in a conspiracy of silence to protect our hacker friends/members, I can assure you we're doing all we can to protect fair play.
  2. Kicked again tonight for same thing. Watched him do it 3 times. He uses a 0 serial so can we get this added in and not kick other players please?
  3. One-man wall hopped ref on Field_RxD. 4vs4 game, checked with his teammates and no one hopped him. Full kick (24-ban). [Initially 2 "dragon" nicks in-game, accidentally kicked wrong dragon, he has been allowed, and proper dragon kicked)]
  4. Don't jump when getting the crate.
  5. Yes, several servers are.
  6. I'd like it out of rotation at least until the GDI WF is fixed. Purchased vehicles and harvs refusing to leave the bay puts GDI at a distinct disadvantage. Plus the distance from the right side (GDI perspective) to the Nod Ob is ridiculous, if the two bases switched it would make more sense given the Ob's anti-vehicle capabilities.
  7. It depends on how many people are in server how many people you can have your squad. Not sure of the exact parameters. Overall I'd say only about 10 people actively use the squad system on a regular basis (me being one of them). Don't really see any problem with it with the way it's configured with the above parameters. Sure, if you could make a 4vs4 a squad then what would be the point, but I believe in a 4vs4 you can't even make a squad. The system scales to the number of players. The squad system really just shows who is working together on a team. Even if you couldn't see it, they'd still be working together. Also, honestly, most of the time I form a squad it doesn't last for more than 2 maps anyway (oftentimes it doesn't last beyond the map in which I joined the squad, so it didn't actually affect what team I was on). The main bonuses are: you're instantly aware of what your teammate has purchased, you can coordinate without discussion, or just be aware that they're in-base or have died.
  9. If you have a problem with something on the server here then of course do as you've done and bring it to the mods attention. There's no reason to be insulting; it's not going to win you any points and generally will make people less interested in listening to what you have to say or helping you. You say the mods ignored you, did you PM any of them? Also, while I'm not disputing your claim I was just playing against WNxM3 on Islands and Field and while there was definite hugging he was not invisihugging. woj107 on the other hand was invisihugging and was warned for it. Screenshots aren't really adequate as proof for invisihugging; you'd have to use Fraps or Bandicam to record video so that it can be seen.
  10. Now that people have weighed in; my last comments on the issue. What's really to be lost by switching though when all buildings are intact? FTC allows you to keep your money, so all that's different really is a set of tanks and the people on the team. As has been stated this wasn't a case of a few seconds and the ones complaining are not random whiners who are known for it (at least I would hope not for myself for sure, and haven't noticed any such thing from Mikey/TheRelativ). From my experience I am nearly always the first to volunteer when teams are uneven to switch. About the only times I don't are when I've been involved in destroying a building resulting in such an exodus and the follow-up rush (or endgame rush as it were) is already coming to end it. Which is a perfectly reasonable time frame, however in my opinion in this instance the Mods present were using letter of the rules to defeat the spirit of the rules. When there is a readily apparent problem with fairness it should be resolved as quickly as possible. Perfect. Thank you. The reason(s) that I posted are not because I expect some punishment to be meted out (or to call anyone out), but to bring attention to deficiencies that should be fairly easy to remedy in Staff positions who are there to make sure that gameplay is going smoothly. With that new addendum to the rules that should now be taken care. Once again, thank you. If players weren't interested in fair play we'd all Co-op versus the AI and just massacre them all the time. The odds are what makes it fun and challenging, but there's a big difference between challenging and insurmountable. The biggest issue I had with this is that if there had been no one around it would've been, "Oh well, that's the way it goes", but when you have ~3 people who you know are capable of doing something about it do nothing or make light of it, it becomes something entirely different and frustrating. All seems to be resolved now so as I said when I began this post I don't intend to beat a dead horse any longer.
  11. H'okay. Thanks Shai.
  12. Anyone know what's going on here? Was told it had to do with sfps, but that seems fine and it doesn't seem like other people were experiencing this. Quit and rejoined and it was still the same as well.
  13. I'd also like to jump in on this, because it exactly how Mikey described. At the point that Nod rushed (~3 arties hitting WF keeping us repairing it, 2-3 flamers, and a stank to AGT) it was 9vs5. Prior to that GDI has lost no buildings. Here are the logs of the chat. As DJ said he did say 2-3 minutes which in most cases would be more than adequate if there is a difference of 1-2 people, but even were that the case you'll see from the timestamps that that time had elapsed and still nothing was done other than to call the players calling for fairness "whiners". Also, as I seem to be playing fairly often again if you'd like to reinstate me as a temp mod I am willing to do my part. And as I think I've demonstrated previously and to-date I am interested in fairness overall and am more than willing to change myself prior to others in order to keep gameplay fair. This was extremely disappointing behavior from those selected to watch over the server. As you can see in the logs the server went from ~20 people to 5 in short order.
  14. Bandicam.
  15. It's an exploit, get rid of it.