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  1. Much of my reason for hating on Snow and Sand. Too much firepower in too small an arena.
  2. 420MB downloading now. I can hear my modem purrrrrr
  3. Yeah I was wondering this too the other day when I joined and Under needed to be downloaded. Under has been on every one of my PCs since forever...
  4. I'd be down if we give the rotation a complete flip from the normal.
  5. Countdown started I hope?
  6. Enjoy the good coffee, fine wine, and hopefully good weather!
  7. Thanks!
  8. Don't let out all the secretz
  9. I knew about this feature in the menus but the Registry hack is new. /me likes!
  10. Thanks! Had a good time with the family today. Now time to rest
  11. Wow where to start... been doing this thing a long time now :) I never really had one place as I frequented many places over the early years, so I can think of two but not sure which actually came first. Not sure if clan servers are defined as communities but for my first clan at, TSAD, we teamed up with a infantry only server that went under the hostnick of awar2002 I believe. It was a 16 player server and quite popular due to it running on a dedicated server. They supplied the server and we provided the moderation keeping the server stoked with players. Pretty sure that was running BR.Net or an earlier and we used fds commands to kick ppl. Also as far communities go there were the Cow servers and they were great. There was a mix of AOW, Infantry Only, but the Sniper one was always the main attraction. They were run by a great bunch of mature guys out of the US and had clear rules and keep the trouble makers out.
  12. What that an infantry only server Goztow?
  13. I remember on our old clan forums, handing out the medal for a Donator who gave out more than $1000 was a BIG deal. Way to go Rackz!
  14. I ran into a MUDKIPS the other day and much fun was had :) Good ole times.
  15. I've always loved the configurable limit and find 50 to be the best sweet spot. I even tweaked it further per map back in the day to make some of the maps with more buildings a slightly higher limit and ones with less buildings lower. I believe that makes 50 a good compromise.