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  1. Finally explains why my direct connect was failing. New port number! doh
  2. I have all of my exe's with no issue but everytime I try to direct connect it just says "Joining Game" and then a few moments later "Connection to Server Broken. Please Quit". Never did this until the latest TT update.
  3. Welcome back! I definitely recognize your nickname from The Pitts. Played there for many years.
  4. I've actually had the same problem since the last TT patch. I cannot direct connect any longer. Have to open the game normally and connecting through the server listing. Going to try some of the suggestions here when I get a bit more time.
  5. Thanks for the support!
  6. lol So silly it might work. Though headshots will be impossible. "Dude City Flying is so huge...!"
  7. Correct you can use Extended Options as well but you cannot add from there, only configure. I wish it was all possible from in game but that is not always the case when it comes to customization.
  8. On the weekend @OSTKGeeti asked me how I was able to drop a weapon so fast while running around. I've found that with all of the weapon drops the least efficient thing is to stop walking and use the !drop command in all chat. I found a while ago that a keyboard mapping was possible to replace this chat command. I figured it would be useful to share this in case others wanted to try it out as well. I've mapped my T key to this function and it works great when just walking around to drop a weapon you've acquired and you don't want it anymore. Open Windows Explorer Navigate to your Documents folder as part of your Windows profile My Documents OR C:\Users\<username>\Documents\ Then find the Renegade folder Then find the Client folder Then find a file called keys.cfg Open this using a text editor like Notepad or Notepad++ Enter a line that looks like: WeapDrop=T_Key If you don't want to use the letter T then replace it with your character of choice. Save the file and your new key mapping should work. Disclaimer: I do have the latest scripts installed but I've had this working since the earlier scripts 4.0 days
  9. What was the final agreed upon formula for costs? I couldn't figure out which one was the winner...
  10. Hello everyone, Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend just past so wasn't able to respond sooner. Also in response to my quote above, it's true that I like to wait before I respond so that everyone calms down and remembers that this is a game, and so that we can get back to our regular lives to let the blood cool first. What I experienced in game was textbook invis in the Snow tunnels (mid level or 2nd floor). There was nobody visible whatsoever and my decision was to use the kill command to counteract a kill that just shouldn't have happened in the first place. I don't have video or screenshots as this all happened quicker than those could have been enabled so my only proof is what I saw. I cannot conclusively say it wasn't a laggy shot but I had to make a call and enforce the rules. You were smurfing under a nickname I did not know or recognize but throughout that game had a few concerns brought to my attention about that nick, I had no idea it was you and it's nothing personal. I just did what I felt was best at the time and stand by my decision. I could have held back and issued a warning or some derivative of that, but this had to be dealt with right away in the same format that it started. Your PMs and chat messages only got worse after thereafter and I found that they were only enraging the situation even more. It appears that this thread is much of the same carrying on. PS: I was not Shai's best man at his wedding, nor was he my best man at my wedding, but a good story nonetheless!
  11. I agree that we do need some new maps added to the rotation to keep the rotation fresh.
  12. Much of my reason for hating on Snow and Sand. Too much firepower in too small an arena.
  13. 420MB downloading now. I can hear my modem purrrrrr
  14. Yeah I was wondering this too the other day when I joined and Under needed to be downloaded. Under has been on every one of my PCs since forever...
  15. I'd be down if we give the rotation a complete flip from the normal.