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  1. Happy things went okay! Chin up bad2gurlz!
  2. hahaaha nice moderators rob
  3. are u indian and do u live in brampton edit: nvm ur name is paul
  4. I was at work covering for someone who called in sick. Very irresponsible on my part, I'm sorry my non-attendance disappointed you Joe
  5. thoughts on honda s2000?

  6. no i didn't trist u mong
  7. Alright we are having it August 27th
  8. August 6th or 27th?? @liquid, fixed
  9. Best of luck
  10. buy me car pls?

  11. Hey y'all, it's about time RenCorner has had a funwar. We all miss dedicated, organized Renegade games so invite as many people as you can to play!' When: Saturday, August 27th Time: 1 PM EST+1 / 6 PM GMT+1 Where: (Will check if the RenCorner CW server still runs) Teamspeak: ts.rencorner.com The date and time has changed from the original topic so post if you're available! SIGN UP
  12. I'll make it tomorrow after work. August 20th sounds good.
  13. Everyone that I know plays it but me wtf
  14. Yea I can wait for you Gumbo. Saturdays are good for most people.