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  1. So it's time to talk about what's been recently been going on in GTA here's a list of some of the new add-ons and what is to come. 1. Fixed spawn it was old using old blocks so we made it nicer re/did all of the buildings except the police station and the casino including the add-on of two new buildings GTA Guide and XP XP. 2. XP shops where already in the game but barely anyone new of there existence and the buildings they where in had been badly designed so they where re/done. There are currently two fully working shops but with the third one it only has 4 guns that you can buy [More will be added] to conclude with that the three shops are Wool Food and the other shop that has not been finished is Guns. 3. With fixing XP shops we where also going integrate these forgotten weapons into the XP shops some of this gear is Minigun , Flamethrower , RPG , low car boost , coco beans. There's a few more but I cant remember them including with that we added the CheyTac in The diamond sniper most powerful gun in the whole game its $5000 so start saving 1. What is [Probably] to come? QUESTS quests quests!! Definition: you may be asked to transport something kill someone achieve something but whatever it is there's a reward and hard work! GANGS gangs gangs!! Definition: Have a gang to verse other gangs and achieve the biggest gang and make ally's From all this if you don't play GTA or never liked it try it now it would never be better to try it out!!!!
  2. I like your idea masterofkeyblade
  3. I would like to add that there would have to be a limit of blaze spawners which would be probably 2 or 3 in my opinion.
  4. I like the idea and also hate the idea I get bored a lot and it would be a fun way to gamble your loot. but also that's why some players like are survival and don't join others cause a lot of other servers do have survival pvp so it makes conflict and pressure like Factions so I'm not so sure this is a good idea.
  5. /v

    I mean we could be gives access to spectator mode its kinda the same thing but more Stelf and more easy to find x ray cause you can go threw blocks.
  6. I'm going to start voting but gg.
  7. I like joes idea
  8. We could give sethomes to the people who help build so they can get to it fast.
  9. When players join the server 80% of the time they go to GTA. Recently we have been having low player count, so we added fly that worked. but i think if we updated GTA and Improved it it would work better. For starters the GTA spawn is like Supper old, we should stay with the seasons and get a bigger and more newer gta spawn with more action. Also other GTA servers have like 10 Times the more items more action, like on Rencorner GTA you go to Minkea and you make tons so then you can buy Diamond gear. And the only thing left to do is donate and get the jetpack, and like get stacks full of gear doing the same thing its boring .we should make the jet pack a NON donating item. so players wont leave and they will work to it, really hard we should have it priced about 50 k. And other servers have way more living places. And on Rencorner you have apartments and that is it, we should have mansions people can buy and condos and beach houses and other living places. Right now currently we have wood threw diamond guns that is it, other servers have Flame throwers Rocket launchers and the minigun. These guns are the guns that cost a lot and makes it so GTA dosent get boring so you can keep working to them. If we added more guns i do think the player count would Raise. NOTE>Also the casino should be fixed.
  10. Also the only way to get spawners Is from dungenos. in the overworld or blaze spawner in nether. SO you can only get Spider Spawner cave spider spawner zombie spawner and skeleton spawner. AND you can only sell 1 of there drops blaze rods. or turn them into a brewing stand . So spawners are pretty much uslles now except for enchanting. And what is the main way in like every facion server spawners. Like really i might understand if the shop was full and there was no place to add the buy and sell signs but there are 61 places where the signs could be placed if theres room they should be there. So the main purpose of factions is 1.Being the best = 2. money 3. loot 4. mcmmo/statts. Now you can get all of these easy but money because you have to mine things up and sell them or use jobs,Thats is not like factions thats survival? Also not being able to use silk toch on spawners is not bad with mob stacking it fixes lag what abuse is this it allows players to keep getting better but with 1 spawner it takes for ever. again defeating the purpose of factions. Because spawners are factions and When you add survival with factions thats good. but factions has become to much like survival.
  11. What do you man "forums"? By forums i meant it acts like its Real self like it would with no plugins .
  12. I stopped playing factions in 1.9 and i just started back up again. But after coming back in 1.11 theirs a few bugs. 1. Silk touching spawners is off i tried 3 spawners and they all broke 2. Buying spawners dosent work either. 3. Crates theirs 2 different crates the crate block and the gold crate. The crate block is a chest and forums as a normal chest the gold was a ender chest and now forums as a normal ender chest. I hope these glitches can be solved.
  13. after reading skyguys post and all the commets i came up with a idea back in 1.8 we had minigames one of the games was paintball there was miltary ranks like private and genral and as you ranked up you got more kits i wanted a higher rank back then but no one really played paintball everyone was in survival but with fly it ruins survival you can go to the end and get a lot wich is why i came up with this idea so fly was supposed to get more players and keep the players we have more active wich was a good idea but at this pont its to overpowered as statied you can run back in forth betwen temples pretty quick and get god stuff then you have evrything already wich sucks cause i ask was it fun i would say it wasnt my 1 elytra i got ligit it was fun getting it the suprise when i got to it but the ones i got for fly i wasnt having fun i was doing it to get better sense im pretty poor but i realize it was bad to do that but fly isnt the problem to much we should add time ranks the problem is low playercount and that is why fly was created and it worked i would say but it also defeated the purpose to try hard if we added time ranks like where you have to wait a mouth to get 1 rank and 1 year for another and the more time you spent on survival you would rank up in rank so like in the final rank i say we could add fly this would make player stay on the server it also would bring more competitveness to survival right now theres only 3 TOPS who has the more items money and mcmmo if we added time ranks it wouldnt stop you from getting your time higher and higher i also think with this rank you should not be allowd to fly in the end when i frist read skyguys post i was worried that the fly in the end might be tooken away but it should be i was bad to go hog the gear and joe told me i should smarten up so i listened thank you Also i tiped this on my ipad so sorry for bad spelling
  14. Now first of all i just wanna say i joined this server cause i was into gta in minecraft i loved it at the time as on the server selector if you hover over gta it says drive cars and shoot guns i loved that but one thing is players like gta its a big attraction i ust to see players come on and where would they go more of the time gta or sometimes survival but gta is fun but the problem is that other servers have like [tanks flamethrowers helicopters planes i have seen Sumreans and Boats for gosh sake] other gta servers inclued way more options we have 3 ways of getting around elytra cars and walking/running players want jet packs also and so they can fly wich is most of the time a donor thing but also we need donations gta brings a lot of that because players want flamethrowers jet packs and mini guns/gatling guns people want to get these op stuff and take people down now i know there is a lot of items already in game like guns but there needs to be more like rpg 7 and rocket launchers maybe even stuff like c4 i have seen stuff that advanced and mansions and skyscrapers yes there in the map but there is only apartments that you can buy ounce you get all guns and diamond Armour theirs like nothing to do and apartments are small there should be houses and stuff like that and you could even buy boats in some places i have seen and mansions would be really pricey and would make a purpose to play to get all the money and bee the richest person there also bounties and tournaments other server you can pay money to put a bounties on someone and when you kill that person you get the money put on the person which makes the game not only a lot more fun so you have to try to escape from people killing you more but you get money that you could work toward getting better houses and better guns or like a plane which they should cost a ton. but for torments so like say for a week there is a leader board and the top 3 killers that have killed the most players in the amount of time get rewarded and that is another thing players look forward to. another thing that would help out would be a auction house to sell your extra items so you could get more money so bellow i listed all of the ideas planes,tanks,boats,submreans,rocket launchers,jet packs,bounties,tournaments,mansions/more buy able houses, and this is the end of the post sorry for bad grammour & spelling