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  1. saying you were here since I don't remember a character named stik. also, as skilz said, lying about your age does you no favors. treat this application like you would a job application: your boss won't want to know how you IMAGINE yourself. he/she wants to know what's TRUE about you before you can be accepted. If you were held to the standard of someone who is 24 but you are really under 18, you are probably going to be overwhelmed with tasks you do not have the maturity or skill level to handle.
  2. I'm late to this topic but oh well. Sat said the one thing that I would agree most with in this situation:
  3. He will be missed so bad that his value will supercede that of Skilz' first anything beyond this fateful day. Rest in the millions of pieces you were torn into and don't answer the summons of a filthy necromancer!
  4. good luck learning how to bring outdated world buildings into new worlds, need to run like 2 or 3 versions of tshock and even then i doubt that any plugin like that has been made. if you make progress in that somehow, let us know!
  5. lol the heck did i stumble upon?
  6. Really early... but not unwelcomed.
  7. Travel safely!
  8. my official notice of half or less activity for this month from me. nothing you guys did, dealing with a toxic environment and a tiring job, and trouble sleeping.
    do very much need more time for myself and dealing with my dentist appointment, laundry and other such things. apologies for any inconvenience

  9. @Sat: Official re-reminder that you wanted to at some point make a new post about voting (preferably not listing a specific month's prizes or other details so that it doesn't become outdated too quickly)
  10. Why do you need vip for a second character? Is it because you lost your Helper rank?
  11. Denied, apply after 2 weeks starting today. We say 2 weeks and you know? Then listen, or you won't make the cut.
  12. To quote Rencorner's very own Co-Owner himself: shaitan Posted October 27, 2016 I gave you Helper, to see how you'd act. It is not a toy, it is not for your guys' personal fun times. Do you know what a "helper" mainly does? They help other players out with ingame issues, if there's someone ingame that gets out of line, they can /mute them if it is needed. Anything above and beyond that, Helpers go up to the next higher moderator or make a post. Which a few have done lately as helpers, and even some temp mods make posts. Noone is made a moderator that demands it, you earn it. (end quote) Words to live by imo. Also if you are applying after a high ranking member of staff says no, you WILL be denied. Do not post your application more than once, make the first one count. (it's also just plain rude and makes it harder to scroll through the topics)
  13. (Locked because we don't need further replies here, and if needed, Skilz' permissions allow him to add on as needed anyway)
  14. VIP

    why do people do this... Don't post your application on someone else's topic butterburns.
  15. Please answer the first 3 questions.