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  1. Skilz, stop dragging me here to double up on this shit. with or without me this shit will either settle or go on forever. adding to it is only fanning the flame. I'm sure headshoot got the message but just doesn't want to accept it, now do me a favor and move on from NOT TERRARIA. in the meantime, buy some single player games and go ride a bike once in a while, would it kill ya skilz?
  2. generally: "Pics or it didn't happen" take screenshots or if possible, video of the problem
  3. progress report?
  4. what is this about not being able to give more than 10 likes a day? oh well, someone else like shai's post for me please.
  5. @the Dissidia pic: Squall and Cloud lookin' all badass, love it. oh and that guy from FFV that I don't care about.
  6. Thank you Rencorner, I don't know what I would have done if I had never found this community!
  7. @Joetorp My pc doesn't support opengl2.0 or better. I'll see what I can do next paycheck, about getting a graphic card. (or processor or whatever it's called) I do miss the minecraft server.
  8. He will be missed so bad that his value will supercede that of Skilz' first anything beyond this fateful day. Rest in the millions of pieces you were torn into and don't answer the summons of a filthy necromancer!
  9. good luck learning how to bring outdated world buildings into new worlds, need to run like 2 or 3 versions of tshock and even then i doubt that any plugin like that has been made. if you make progress in that somehow, let us know!
  10. lol the heck did i stumble upon?
  11. Really early... but not unwelcomed.
  12. Travel safely!
  13. my official notice of half or less activity for this month from me. nothing you guys did, dealing with a toxic environment and a tiring job, and trouble sleeping.
    do very much need more time for myself and dealing with my dentist appointment, laundry and other such things. apologies for any inconvenience

  14. @Sat: Official re-reminder that you wanted to at some point make a new post about voting (preferably not listing a specific month's prizes or other details so that it doesn't become outdated too quickly)
  15. Why do you need vip for a second character? Is it because you lost your Helper rank?