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  1. Charre

    Plans for the new upgrade to 1.13

    the upper slab with flowing water out of it could make a neat looking pathway across a lake! Magma blocks are evil, I learned the hard way in the snapshots.
  2. Charre

    I'm building a pc tomorrow!

    I ordered a bunch of parts on Amazon Prime Day and they should (hopefully) arrive tomorrow. The only one variable is the ram, because the cheapest 4gb ram I could order isn't shipped by Amazon, hence a more variable date. It could arrive anywhere from later today, to a week or two from now. If all goes well I should be able to run games better than my piece of crap Dell Optiplex that's outdated.
  3. Charre

    Plans for the new upgrade to 1.13

    I HOPE that before the real release they consider reducing the spawn rate of kelp by 60%. It's overkill as it currently stands!
  4. Charre

    Website Revamp - Post any issues here

    One step at a time, crucial stuff first. Whatever you do have time for that keeps us going is what counts. Other things can wait, no matter how much impatience it causes other members. No one's gonna take your time by force! Keep being you, things will fall in place, I just know it.
  5. Charre

    zunnie - The myth, the man, the legend.

    37 years old? That's wayyyy too young! May he rest in peace, and may the friends he made play on in honor of him!
  6. Charre

    Plans for the new upgrade to 1.13

    I hope the authors of plugins will be ready to bring their stuff up to date!
  7. Charre

    Mine Clearers

    Teamwork at it's finest lol
  8. Charre

    Plans for the new upgrade to 1.13

    Cool, don't have to lose our survival gear to race! (If the races were in hardmode survival I think I'd never race again lol)
  9. Charre

    Happy 4th of July everyone !

    Incentivizing necroposts skilz? smh
  10. Charre

    June Vote Winners!

    Gratz to Skilz, Prof, and Moon!
  11. forum width is wonky again (everything on the right is shoved so far I have to scroll to it), and still no profile songs. 

    1. Charre
    2. ice187dna


      :O Oh noes.


    3. Charre


      has the width been corrected or am I imagining things?

  12. Charre

    New donation from jez636363

    Whoa, thanks a ton!
  13. Charre

    Terraria Minigame Ideas.

    This is not a bad place for posting things. Even if fewer people see it, there's a chance newer members or people who've just started learning about rencorner via the forums might see this. The more people seeing that we want to change things up the better! The hide and seek thing would be too reliant on honorable players, not every person on the internet will want to play fair. However if we can get players from the event discord or reach out to vip members, I think it has a fair shot
  14. Status updates are underused as a feature these days...

    1. Skilz


      ^ To this day, I still don't even know how to do one

  15. Charre

    Plans for the new upgrade to 1.13

    You want to take the time to do it now that you're free for the summer? ;p I guarantee that homework you've been doing will suddenly seem less time consuming after a project like that! I agree on the san andreas map, it's nicely done and fairly accurate to GTASA