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  1. Charre

    GhBro VIP

    you said you've been playing a month, that's the lie, fix it and you're good. subject dodge again and I'll ignore you, thanks for playing though and before you ask how to fix it, hit the edit button on your post and change the answer of question 7
  2. Charre

    GhBro VIP

    you haven't been a registered player for even a week. edit your application to be truthful and we'll reconsider
  3. Charre


    Happy bday shai!
  4. Charre

    Joetorp's Big Birthday.

    Happy bday Joe
  5. Charre

    Donald John Trump

    almost 2000 years old? say, are you related to Yoda?
  6. Charre


    Mourning isn't gonna bring the natives back, and a day dedicated to turkey? Hell yeah. (also a day of being thankful)
  7. Charre


    I'm thankful for our community and my family. Happy thanksgiving
  8. Charre

    Charre and LunaFang!

    Thanks guys