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  1. Not sure which one fixed it, but heres what I did: App & Services - repair Microsoft c++ redistributable 2012 renlist compatibility mode to Windows 8 Works once again.
  2. Windows 10 latest developers update or whatever they call it...problem strikes again. None of the Microsoft c++ redistributable packages seem to resolve it this time :/
  3. OK - odd that it says serial is 00000. renlist bug? never shared my serial with anyone. Thanks!
  4. I don't remember the last time I even bought a nuke in game - so not sure what this is about. Would be nice to play tonight. Considering I work all day and no one else has access to my computer, this isn't possible. Edit - In game nick is same as forums name. I know a few days ago there was someone joined with the nick 'l337' with and L who was being a general turd.
  5. Fixed. Wonderful windows 10 missing mscvr110.dll. Reinstall Microsoft c++ redistributable x86 package. problem solved.
  6. So for the last 2 days I've gotten this error when trying to start Renegade. Failed to get VFS core interface Ideas?
  7. Makes sense why my dark characters get spotted immediately in dark corners. Guess I'll have to get the renegade highlighter skin package as well.
  8. I'd like to sell a few teammates.
  9. A few I've taken over the last couple months.
  10. Debt is bad
  11. noticed after that he was in an arty. possibly splashed me and immediately jumped out to rep it. like masscarriers pm'd me, guess the bot can be a little slow on the weapon change in that case.
  12. Tokinmonk killed my havoc with Technician/Repair Gun(Strong). Around 8pm est on 1/18/2016 See SS with mouse at the line.
  13. After 7 or 9 years....I'm back!! Knocking some rust off still...just having fun playing ren again.