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  1. Can we get a button that just flash loads the whole page into our brain so we dont actualy have to read anything?\
  2. /spawn used to work.. What happend to it? And I like the idea of more plots to trusted and donators. Perhaps Larger plots per rank etc.
  3. just a side note. but the winning creation will also be copied into the survival server world to be enjoyed for all time.
  4. Clear decisive pages for each game. with small server status boxes for each game server on the side bar or top pane.
  5. Um... wares the 44+ channel?
  6. Nice to see you make this post Evo.. I welcome your ideas and always have. We only had a problem because at the time our server was not ready to start projects. I was on you to get the basic mechanics working first. Then we could spend time on plugs, builds etc. That point you never seemed to grasp, and when I chewed you out about it you completely shut down.
  7. Woot woot!
  8. PVZ.. lol I played the crap out of that on my phone hehe.. adictive game.
  9. Safe trip... Get back soon.. DNS failure is just the tip of the iceberg.. lolz.
  10. More mods.. I want a proximity sensor. Radar minimap cumpass extra large back pack more guns Just to name a few. hehe how about a custom map?
  11. Damnit.. there goes about 20 lines of typing in a post yesterday.. Shazbot.!
  12. WTF is this supposed to be?
  13. Hmpf... you say factions is to simple? I tried to go with Towny witch is way more advanced and no one wanted to put the effort into it. heck no one even started a single town. Factions is not supposed to be fast paced and never has been. The only real thing to it is to allow groups for form and share resources and eventually form alliances or wars with other groups.. Heck that's pretty much the basics behind any pvp other then arena brawls.. And I just love it when people say that All I do is just offer servers saturated with plugins and no real content. Well DUH... ALL servers offer up different sets of plugins to make the game unique. The Only difference is that large well funded hosts like Ghostcraft. Hipixle etc. etc. have the resources to pay professional coders to make custom plugins for them. Everyone else has to make do with a close replica. As for the money issue. My vote has alwayse been no. I dont even like server shops but everyone is to dam lazy to go out and actually chop a tree or dig in the dirt. I try to offer up things like awards for logging in each day. Skill sets that increase with your effort (mcmmo). The problem with jobs is that they are to easy to exploit. "ie" sugarcane. potato pistons. Mob spawners. Now if you want to customize jobs to say cut 200 pieces of Birchwood before noon and deliver it to chest one on top of mountain B. then I'm all for it. And if you know how to make that customization then by all means please step forward. If not? then STHU.
  14. wait till ya get to my age.. its a whole new kind of Exam. Cough Cough.
  15. ..Oh shit I've been doing wrong all this time? (puts the lotion back in the drawer)