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  1. JustSaiyan

    Vehicle Limit and !tank

    I tried to purchase a tank and wouldnt let me because it said the limit was reached. I did !vehlimit and it said 9/8 lmao. did that on 2 maps i believe lol i think this is what he is trying to say about the !tank command
  2. JustSaiyan

    14+ discussion forums

    I want in on thisssss 18
  3. JustSaiyan

    Im Baaaaaack!

    Hello everyone, i would really like to thank you all for keeping RenCorner close to the same as when i left! There has been some changes, but all good ones and i really appreciate how it still feels like home<3 Im going to be active almost everyday for several hours in Renegade aow so come join me whenever you got time! Ive got a lot of catching up to do Also, thank you jks and everyone who discussed my mod app i know it was sexy, but thank you for accepting me back into the community<3
  4. JustSaiyan

    Renegade Numbers!

    Why not just have the ramjet and rail/pic disabled seeing as they are 1shot kills for normal soldiers. This way it will make it so there is always more is a fight unless if you headshot someone of course. Also, the pimped out weapons are awesome aha the pimped out tib rifle has homing bullets which is a nice feature! And the grenade launcher has like bonus damage and you get a light show I personally enjoy the pimped out weapons! 1 thing i dont like though, is that with the gravity gun you can only pick up tanks. You should be able to pick up people too haha
  5. JustSaiyan

    Rencorner Movember!

    I already dont want this thing on my face haha Girls dont like the prickle
  6. JustSaiyan

    Would it be O.K.?

    Why would we need an application to represent Rencorner in your nickname.. If you want to represent Rencorner go for it
  7. JustSaiyan

    RC nOOb

    Welcome to RenCorner man )
  8. JustSaiyan

    Rencorner Movember!

    Im only 17 i cant grow dat shit that fast
  9. JustSaiyan

    Field repeat. Really?

    Lets not start arguments please and thank you. But if you must, do it over pm.Locked.
  10. JustSaiyan

    RC T-Shirts

    Under the RC tag you should have www.rencorner.com or put it on the back
  11. JustSaiyan

    RC T-Shirts

    Who cares, these are awesome
  12. JustSaiyan

    So, Glacier_Flying.

    Glacier has been added back <3333
  13. JustSaiyan

    Rencorner Improvements!

    Perfect. i love you. but volcano and sand are non-base defense maps