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  1. when i am in sniper scope mode it takes an hour to scroll through the whole scope depth, i know there is a away to change the speed at which you go through it but i dont remember. does anyone know how?
  2. Pics and specs of PC when complete please! You know just to make your life a little harder.
  3. on alot of maps i get this glitch, ive uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times and continually get it. i dont know what causes it or how to fix it. but ti would be nice if anyone know how to fix it. thanks!
  4. is it [1] rar or [2]rar?
  5. i played this game for a good 2ish years and then feel out of it because of school and other such activities. i lost my renegade CD key and disk and wondering if you can "get it" or download it anywhere else. thanks for your time. -asd13
  6. 2 renegade servers by rencorner and i cant connect to irc at all ... soo yeah Asd13
  7. I dont see what i did wrong. Gdi was bitching about the game being uneven ... what did u expect me to do i kept getting pms so i changed
  8. lots of good cool maps on MPF forums and many fun maps to play on thier server maybe we could get some of those? 2 or 3 new maps would be nice .
  9. trying to figure that out my self O.o
  10. what happened to siege how did it break? files corrupt?
  11. Sure I it sucks when It ends but honestly Gridloc hit it on the head ffs I hate games that go on for more then an hour and a half .... it's boring and I u don't want that many enemy spies then crate whore and take tune it's that simple
  12. I think RxD glacier flying and RxD city flying would be cool
  13. Sent from my dad's phone ... btw
  14. Ok well my Internet is being a bitch so it's not working could be as much as a week for it to get its shit together just doing this to tell Manny and Shia so I stay mod hopefully so basicly my Internet died agian today and they can't get guy out for a day or so and I'm hoping to het it back by friday..... so just want to stay mod on ren because of this technical difficulty... so yeah thanks for reading.
  15. Wojs new year resolution is gonna be try not to get muted within the 1st week