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  1. Skyguy92

    CommanderSlayer Trusted (accepted 8/19/18)

  2. Skyguy92

    Minecraft Update 8/18/18

    Hi guys it's your new developer doing work here! All Servers * Fixed Prefix Color Formatting SurvivalBeta * Added PlayerParticles - Potential Donor Perk // Future Update * Added ProtocolLib - Required Dependency * Added FAWE - Seniormod and Builder only * Added EpicRename - Future Update * Added HolographicDisplays - Holograms at Spawn / Important Areas. * Added WorldGuard * Added Command Signs * Updated CrazyAuctions *Updated Essentials *Updated GriefPrevention *Removed CoreProtect CreativeBeta * Added Player Particles * Added Holographic Displays * Added Epic Rename * Added World Guard * Updated TitleManager * Updated World Edit * Removed CoreProtect
  3. Skyguy92

    Joetorp 1.12 is launched! Update please

    Is the world up for download?
  4. Wowza. Fuzzy is just salty...
  5. Skyguy92

    My Stuff

    I know why it is like that. One day Hedge showed me this build and I was like cool. When I showed fuzzy he noticed a small bit of grief. So he decided to fix it. We checked the main area, (different parts ie paths, chests, doors) To see who made most of it. To make sure it was a grief, and it was. So he fixed it and adding the book.
  6. Skyguy92

    PvP in PvE???

    In creative (the server) I have all the kits needed for KITPVP, and I need them copied into kitpvp. The kits are in the bounds of ( 951 66 -813 to 939 64 -809 {In creative}), and paste them on top of the spawn in kitpvp. Thanks!
  7. Skyguy92

    PvP in PvE???

    I need everything copied from the server creative in the bounds of ( 951 66 -813 to 939 64 -809 ) into kitpvp.
  8. Skyguy92

    PvP in PvE???

    I mean from creative into kitpvp
  9. Skyguy92

    PvP in PvE???

    Hey Joe, I need 1 favor would you please move everything that is in 951 66 -813 to 939 64 -809 into creative they are the kits.
  10. Skyguy92

    Need help with hub

    Nope. But we do have /tppos :D
  11. Skyguy92

    Banned for being stupid

    You have been unbanned, if you hack again it's permanent.
  12. Skyguy92

    Banned for being stupid

    I was in a call with Neondark, he was playing 2b2t before. I found it quite alarming when he joined so fast when I remembered he had an SSD. I was pvping him in kitpvp and he bhopped after I banned him he said sorry, he accidently joined with his client that he was using and he didn't know. I still told him to appeal, just because he's my friend doesn't mean he gets "Specialty's" so, I say yes.
  13. Skyguy92

    Whats your new year resolution?

    To do a good turn daily.
  14. Well. Nothing to read here ;-)