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  1. That would be awesome
  2. Sooooooooooo, I made something really big for rencorner and I mean really big. I cool and I was think we could hang it up at spawn with a map or something. The problem is it would take me 16,384 claim blocks so it does not get griefed. So with that said I was wounder if a claim could be placed there. Fuzzy
  3. Tnt run :-)
  4. Spamming is a rule and this person will surely get a mute or ban
  5. I am not salty just think it can be done on google, but I do agree there are a lot of third party sites
  6. I may not be on for a while. I am right now building a new desk for myself and will not have the time, or the desk to play. At tops it might be a week or I could be on tonight. It all depends if my desk does not fall apart the second I get it up to my room.
  7. I have been working on the pvp arena for sometime now. I am not quite sure why it's me who is building it, I am not even an advanced build but, I think I did a pretty good job. The point is I am almost done with it and have just a few more things to finish up. I just need to wait for Joe so I can maybe get some command blocks rolling and have him paste it into survival. I thought it would be nice for some input on it before I seal the deal and it's in PvE, so here it is. I know I did not show you much but you can always log in and go to my plot.
  8. I still don't know why skyguy92 ever made that post in the first place. I am sorry if I am being negative but can't people just google this if they need to know. Why is it here
  9. Hope to see you on soon
  10. We can see who took the things out of your chest, and aren't you trusted, they have /fly now
  11. I think that having a small PvP arena in survival would be amazing. It's something different and would make the server unique in many ways. The arena would have to be build and that would give a chance for our advance builders maybe even players to play on the server and have a little time to build. You would only be able to PvP in the arena and there is no where else you can. I feel like this would be an amazing addition for PvE and get players coming on more.
  12. I do belive we need to expanded the sky block shop and add more to it. Not by to much but a few more items in that shop would make it a little better for players
  13. /v

    Over the course of playing rencorner I spend some of my time in /v, after all I am a mod but, I think that /v is not working out. Think, if I were a hacker and I knew that someone was in /v I would stop hacking, right. Well on the server it is really easy to see if someone is in /v (I am not going to say how on here and tell everyone but I will msg/dm info if needed) I really think this needs to be fixed if there is a way to fix it.
  14. Yeah not in /pw2 or anywhere in creative
  15. I will get working on all of that and try to keep the length down. Sorry but skyguy I am going to make you use cinematic mode. I can work on the lighting and maybe remove the eye candy. I totally for got about harbor town and will add that for sure.