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  1. id say metro is nod dominate on mara and gdi has a chance for aow hourglass is still just cancerous because those who have the idea of what to do will either buy all artys or mrls and just quick rush over hill ruining that game but i dont directly hate pimps but pimp repair and pimp rocket does prolong a lot of field and under games and pimp rocket on sand already controls the only entry points on the map
  2. i like siege and if we could maybe fix that instead of focusing on city.rxd that would be great bunkers and niagra were in server but over all not heavily liked though i didnt mind bunkers that much but niagra was pure trash even now 20v20 and maybe the map might be semi nice to play sadly i cant remember the names of some of the fan maps on mpf but some of them (very small amount) are actually normal and playable with out that terrible nod favored love mpf maps seem to have
  3. sand pointless and kills off the server people dont even vote yes to skip they just leave its only 20 mins so why even bother with it; maybe make it 40 mins and remove pimps and snipers from the map and it might become more of a map worth playing metro is just another blah map its just city2.0 and then if its aow there is no real play at all
  4. the mars that plays on mpf is a different on with a weird electric barrier around the bases and stuff the mars thats currently being played is pretty open 1 tunnel system and anti gravity i believe the other has that too
  5. yep my brother thought he was helping me so he downloaded norton and norton deleted game2.exe
  6. currently it says renegade.exe for some reason my only options are selling the launcher thats how i usually just click to start the game and renegade or game.exe game2.exe isnt there no last update was whenever that patch updated unstalled ren and the ttpatch and restalled both
  7. when i try to click on the launcher it just says "failed to start renegade" trying to connect through renlist doesnt work either ill click connect/join server etc but nothing happens
  8. why not just have it set in game like mpf has 1 its "o" to drop all
  9. The thing though is i like balance when it comes to slowing down nod i loved the old days of field when ioning nod ref was an effective way and b2b on islands was a way gdi got agressive quick but yea the new changes will affect player count because most of them may hate it but wont come here to vote yes or no towards it look at polls in game in general over half ignore it
  10. but why?
  11. maybe dont invis... then you wont get the !kill command
  12. or you have to be brig to buy most weaps lt. general for all weaps and general or tanks? like the very old rank system used to be where you do could !char !weap !vech type of thing i remember old field matches where wf would be dead but being a general to buy vechs and turn the match around i feel like if we cant buy vechs then a lot of games already go to the heavy favored nod side
  13. i do like volts being bought but as to this there was a point in time artys couldnt rotate their barrels i feel like if we wana try the rotating mrls then we try it but leave them at the same price not up it
  14. im actually fine with volt being bought
  15. ok guys lets fuck off getting those regular mrls lets huehuehue buy those 700 mrls mean while nod has advantage/control/op/dominant artys controlling the game wow how could those mrls let us down?!!! its like we dont really play on a regular basis and maybe we shouldnt have a say or an actual opinion here simple fix. dont allow ramjets/rails to be bought id really like the admins/mods explain to me (definitely a regular who plays more than most admins/mods) how !weapon really isnt the problem in this specific instance