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  1. I didnt come here to complain about bryan reading opening message i was told to post that here... my god youre just as bad as ehh... fucking parasite...
  2. because you're a piece of shit
  3. was just told to post it not sure where but i just joined and received a random pm from Bryan I havent actually played with bryan in months http://imgur.com/bO8mrKM
  4. pretty much this also alot of mpf maps suck because of those modded tanks/characters
  5. yes it is since a rhino usually kills 2 grizzlys alone yuris was unbalanced for 1v1 2v2 its the 3v3 casual games that were balanced on tour of Egypt however ra2 had frame rate issues its why you try to drone the war miner it can work a lot more often in yuris its almost non existent far as that video goes; soviets dont let allieds get lab up on 1v1s and rhinos being faster is a down side as they dont stay clogged together
  6. I will say unevens arnt to bad on mara and map depending but it definitely isnt a given for the bigger team usually it will grab other players even
  7. every one? at the start of xwis all that was left were only regulars no casuals like you or matenone in renegade when you could make 5 rhinos selling that conyard meant a 6th rhino which could easily mean game the ratio wasnt balanced either for allied vs soviets 900 rhino i believe 700 grizzly but 1 rhino can almost kill 3 grizzlys its why yuris was always called iraq wars
  8. Im guessing you havent played competitively in a long time or really at all more games are 1v1 blood fued where you rush after you made 5 rhinos at max other games are then 2v2 on whatever that farm map is and hell freezes over iraq was picked 98% with US being 1% the others being the other 1% (xwis stats) when they used to actually keep a competitive ladder log I ran a clan even wasting 500 on sentries and pillboxes is never worth it being allied is only useful on longer lasting games; 3v3; large maps
  9. Like tips? either playing yuris or ra2 always be iraq build to wf sell conyard in ra2 always attempt miner droning
  10. Same I played ra2 and yuris on release date and while I played ren on release date I went on many month to a year hiatuses from it while sticking with ra2/yuris
  11. This exact feeling along with jelly mostly i just want the stank and maybe a mammy because im super interested in this; cheapest gdi set i found was $85 for mint and a $3000 posting for mint while the nod set (stank set only) cheapest was $850 mint and a $3000
  12. I will throw my 2 cents into this to ban him for even a week is to much assuming the 1 month ban is serious? I consider myself a regular on rencorner for a specific time of day (barely hits 6v6 consistently) the real problem are players like rambo6/bryan/matenon etc those players dont benefit the server/game they are dead weight and it hurts the server overall because people dont want them on their teams I get mad and I say things (obvious enough) but the player base of the server isnt strong due to ren is dying is mdogg going to quit because of it; clearly not or any one else for that matter and im not trying to call any one out but you see people overly active on the forum compared to in game and seem to have the same weighted say of vanilla or maps etc so hindering the playing numbers is dumb imo even if you just wanted to mute him for a week even is better than any ban because look at the games played (barely tp in public matches/barely holding consistent high player count) every game wont be great matches but to say owell its just public games they always dont have to be competitive thats not whats discussed here
  13. PM'd I guess I should say it seems more like an unfair glitch than totally game breaking
  14. game breaking glitch found
  15. Putting you back to Member on here so you can post and stuff again. Just don't go crazy calling out everyone anymore please.