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  1. He4dSh0t


    iirc those are worth a lot actually in package every now and then ebay will post one hitting +500 for like nod or gdi tank and few soldiers orcas and apaches are like +1k but im also sure they are just cheap plastic and not diecast?
  2. He4dSh0t

    Gravity gu-woah woahhhh-n

    game ends in th with gravity gun; not even a full month bedo and i wana say rackz ruined the game jez can confirm and left it was a worse incident than mods getting very fucking pissy at me while; others and i told rambo6 to stop saying racist stuff
  3. He4dSh0t

    Pedestal in low player count games

    this is a getpastme getting an sbh to do that type of thing
  4. He4dSh0t

    Ingame polls

    One of the biggest flaws of voting in a mara game is when the game could be going on 2+ hrs on lets say under some one joins and polls immediately I dont know how thats even fair to the majority that have been playing most of the game to be ruined by some one just joining
  5. He4dSh0t

    Player Count

    Try organizing more events like a weekly? or at least a monthly basis so that way 1 day is a solid day of actual player count and games not directly ideal but maybe try the st0rm approach? where now just mara/aow is in rotation but capture flag match is implemented? or at least a balanced free for all dm is added? renegade it self is obviously on a timer might as well use the final months/years getting actual play in