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  1. /mad #freebryan Just read log, oh dear does he have issues.
  2. if n00bstories came back, I reckon it'd be successful in time, a lot of players crave vanilla rene. I can't see there being much of a impediment to rc tbh, as most players here prefer mods.
  3. faildus* :)
  4. n00bstories, Wittebolx, n00bless, tmx, old timez, atomix, rencorner
  5. Happy Fathers day, even though for us it was yesterday. :)
  6. I'm Sean. lol I play as DarkThunder.
  7. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I genuinely missed buying weapons, even though I prefer vanilla Renegade. One question I do have though, I understand that SBH's have a blanket ban on picking up any/all weapons - but can there be 1 exception? A repair gun. Imagine in a tank fight, you've got your sbh nub just standing around waiting around to either harvy walk, look for cr8s, looking for empty vechs in field or waiting to kill that havoc with 5hp. Then all of a sudden you see your team mate being fucked up by 2 med's and the techy is struggling to keep the art/light tank alive. As if my magic as SBH appears armed with a srep. - Game changer. Can this possibly be trialled if it's possible please? On another note, really enjoying aow maps with 45minutes now, it opens the game up a bit.
  8. The mine limit is fine how it is, definitely don't increase it though.
  9. 45 minutes would be better. As per my other response. Regarding the DNA drops, set it to 10%? I think 5% is too low, especially considering current player counts. It certainly mixes things up a bit, running around the base in the enemies colours and provides a good distraction to the enemy team. If for instance your on a non_base defence map and see someone in your team colours running to somewhere, you're not going to pay as much attention as lets say a enemy hotwire/techy running into a building.
  10. Either way 30minutes is far too short. 60 minutes would be better, however 45 minutes is a good transitional time. The server was set at 45 minutes yesterday and I saw a big difference to be honest. It helps with keeping the player count up for longer and when the teams are more evenly matched it actually allows games to be completed by building destruction!
  11. Where's the "dislike" button. :P What he said. That !fund command is so annoying, never ending games, pointless to do rushes.
  12. Gumby should do it. The end.
  13. Good job indeed, I've never played it but I know from experience that you're very passionate about TF2 and I know that you'll do only do what's best for RC.
  14. ...and Fred Corner was born!
  15. Are you serious? This is the whole point. I did not know of any details because you knuckleheads failed to inform anyone from TmX of what you was doing. The IRC network was fine, until you/Root decided to fuck with things. You weren't a part of the heads of TmX/RC meeting a few days ago, so I'll forgive you some. But basically it was agreed that if there is any irc downtime or anything's not working correctly, we are informed, period. By "we" (as your new) I mean Me/Kicsisajt. Our irc networks are linked, so whatever you knuckleheads do, affects us too, which is why it would be nice to be informed, as was previously agreed. If you can't understand/fail to agree to this then I'd prefer for you to not have access to do such things that affect RC users and TmX users alike. TmX Administration