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  1. Sean

    Gaming Christmas trees.

    I want the pacman one!
  2. Sean

    Ingame polls

    Just what we need, even more annoying sounds! -__-
  3. Sean

    Ingame polls

    I come from aow servers, however I think the threshold should either be increased to like 75% or removed alltogether as the server is being emptied afterwards, which isn't doing any of us any good. Plus it's nice to actually make a comeback when you've been getting pounded all game and then go on to eventually win when some teamplay is achieved. Can we get a ingame poll and one for the forums to see what the player base thinks as a whole? Then we can compare results after like 2 weeks?
  4. Sean


    Happy Birthday mate. :)
  5. Sean

    Apparantly Renegade is dead :p

    Oh what a shame.. That pungent filth is certainly not renegade, good riddance.
  6. Doesn't look like to me! :)
  7. Sean

    C&C Renegade 20" Rims For the Arty

    decent! :) Nice job.
  8. Sean

    Joetorp's Big Birthday.

    Happy Birthday. :)
  9. Sean

    Renegade Christmas Public Fun War.

    Sunday is more likely for me. Great idea