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  1. rossnisbe

    High Resolution Playerlist

    The small writing is better.
  2. rossnisbe

    RenCorner Discord

    Discord is the best voice/text chat application you can get IMO. I think Discord should be promoted more since it's actually I good application.
  3. rossnisbe

    Anyone still playing this?

    You do not still have windows vista. OMG. You should know that's not even supported anymore.
  4. rossnisbe

    Add !rw

    Ok fine is was just a suggestion and plus it's shorter to type and I'm lazy that way lol. JK. But I think I bring a good point up no?
  5. rossnisbe


    Yeah, i love hourglass. I'm not gonna go through why or anything else. Anyway Hourglass_RxD would be cool.
  6. rossnisbe

    Add !rw

    Yeah but it's not a useful. I'm trying to make a point here. I was at the GDI tunnel and I did !rw. Nothing dropped. (dur but trying to make point) If I do !drop it drops on the ground then the enemy can pick it up no problem. it's not a good way to get rid of unwanted weapons.
  7. rossnisbe

    Timed maps

    Good idea.
  8. rossnisbe

    Add !rw

    Hi. I want !rw an available command. It's such a useful command I found exodus has it enabled and I love that. Can we enable !rw for the aow server?
  9. rossnisbe

    Timed maps

    Thats exactly how it is on mpf aswell. But if i remember right you start with 1 hour not 30 minutes.
  10. rossnisbe

    CnC Meadows Sucks!

    I fucking love field. Just hate the length it takes. same with under.
  11. rossnisbe

    New Maps

    Oh FFS! Of course there is somthing that fucks with us on a map i so dearly want. Eh whatever.
  12. rossnisbe

    New Maps

    OK fine then yeah add this. If it looks this better then add it i do like hourglass i hate the no hillcamping rule.
  13. rossnisbe

    CnC Meadows Sucks!

    I want to play it i don't remember it.
  14. rossnisbe

    New Maps

    Like a fucking acrostic poem. Lol.
  15. rossnisbe

    New Maps

    HOURGLASS_FLYING!? Fuck ooff with that. Hourglass is NOT IS NOOOT a flying map. Thats not a good flying one. DONT ADD HOURGLASS_FLYING! lol.