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  1. Modding in any comm is never consistent and really that's a good thing because we get variety. Players seem to expect perfection from their perspective and we never meet their expectations and won't try to. It comes down to how the player handles themselves and that will tell which way the situation will go. WNxH3adSh00t didn't handle this well and he took it sideways. @WNxH3adSh00t This could have been handled much different with a better result. I hope you got the attention you wanted. This really wasn't needed. We've been so drama free...... I love magical unicorns though, at least we got to talk about them.
  2. Sorry been busy haven't popped on the forums in a bit, we ok, any $$ needed still?
  3. I was looking at some of my old pictures and came across this that always makes me lol so I thought I would share it.
  4. Texas pulled my heart. Florida is doing the same (and all the areas in it's path). I'm here in Missouri safe and sound, so I feel for those that aren't and have been abruptly uprooted. We can escape our world playing Ren. These victims can't. I can't imagine losing all my possessions and having a 5 x 5 space in a shelter that represents all that is left in my world. If anyone knows someone in need of help or just a kind word let's get it going here and see what our resources can provide. Thoughts and prayers to all involved. <3 <3 <3
  5. You should welcome his l33t skillz
  6. Yep was watching the weather channel and a camera only with a voice from the studio would suffice. My wife said the first weatherperson that gets hit with flying debris sues first. At least wear a helmet if your going to be that stupid. Funny though as one was taping a car drove up behind him (downtown streets of Miami) and he stopped and said (probably thinking the mic was off) "what is this idiot doing". Then the car stopped and started backing up realizing they were driving into deeper water....
  7. I love u all.
  8. Wife doing great, me on the mend. Had good news last scan. Thanks for asking Joe! Hope you and your family are well m8.
  9. You asked who I was. You left before I could answer. lol srsly gg. One of the more fun 1 v 1's I have had in a while. Good strat, but I never needed my air.
  10. All Stealth all characters - vehicles 1 or 2 maps.
  11. BC was my 2nd fav server. Awesome games in there. One of the few public back then that had teamwork.
  12. I can't remember Demo days other than the USA clan. I hooked up with Hex early on at n00bless. haha @a1game comment, they banned me! I took out like 3 meds with one stank and they said I had "Tank Damage Cheat" lol (see my sig)
  13. @dis is that becuz of the naked pic ? ..... lol ( I bet it goes up now!)

  14. I'm in.
  15. I post this as the title says uneven games can be fun so don't leave so fast. This was a epic true 2 v 3 from the start to finish with no one joining. It was a real rush for me and 3la2 did pro defending the base. Unevens can win and it's the Ren rush we looking for....this was pure tactics and strategy. Fun fun Big time rq after lol.
  16. And we thank you for the offer Rooney. But this wasn't about winning. It was more about letting the Public have some fun (at the expense of the staff), improve relations with staff and the public, increase players on TS, and as a added bonus let the staff spend some time together they don't normally get to. It was a win - win - win for all. However you do give a good idea, next one will be staff and donators.
  17. This Humvee rush was epic. Like blacky said it scared the shit out of us! We were NOT expecting that. But it did set the tone for the rest of the maps. Overall aside from the server team-change issue it was a success. Public had a lot of fun and were more organized than ever. The staff was having fun too we were laughing our asses off on TS. We needed about 5 more staff though. Volcom, Shai, Dippy to name a few were needed.
  18. Although we will have server announcements, please talk this up in the server as not all public players come on the forums or read the server messages.
  19. You know you have my prayers and support Bad. Totally awesome what you are doing. The world should know this story. Please keep us posted! #aboveandbeyondBad
  20. Happy B-Day Ice!

  21. Happy B-day Display!  :Crosseyed:

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      Ditto, Pandapj!

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      Awww thank you both! Good to see you wyld1!

  22. Got it day 1 when demo came out and played - loved it ever since. Happy anvi Ren, thanks for being here for us. <3
  23. Thank you Shai. You gave up a lot of personal time to deal with something that just happens.
  24. We used to abuse the hell out of Mylo in the old days but we were buddies! He went by so many names. DwayneHicks was one of them. Here he pm'd me a ss he made when I was bant for suspected cheating lol. Oh the old days. If we could know the true number of innocent old schoolers that were ban for just playing good lol. But hell lol I banned JPNod in 2003 from my Renmasters server (unbanned shortly after). Man he was good so early on and there were so many cheats then, it was freaking wild west for a while. Tiggy popped in a few months back I think for a Jelly event. But she was around.