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  1. probably best to chat me up here. i check now and then


  2. don't suppose you play starbound?

    1. Therol


      I would actually play it, but i have to manage starting it up somehow.

      Since 1.0 it crashes on launch

    2. MorganLeFay


      Theres been a couple patches. not sure if it fixed anything tho. since mine's been working from the start

    3. Therol


      Actually managed to get it working.

      Finished it a couple days ago.

      IMO the last two story quests (Glitch and Ruin) were fairly rushed tho, but overall a really great game, it managed to really inspire me on getting my ass back to work.

  3. I liked your profile music.

  4. sorted out the areas shown. thanks XD
  5. aw shucks, guys. ain't no big thing XD
  6. Ice palace gets my vote. its within sight of an ice spike biome as it is XD
  7. I'm not sure exactly, but it should ideally be spaced out enough that you still have a sense of progress, but at the same time, people can apparently rush ML fairly quick.
  8. Knife, mirror, tent, cooking pot, vinyl sheet. Dehydration's serious business, and a rainwater collector would be very useful to make. Tent to stay dry. Mirror for signaling. And the knife can help a good bit with improvising ways to catch food. like, say, using a bootlace to tie it to a long stick for a fishing spear.
  9. Thanks. 'Tis a rather nice bunch on this here forum. XD
  10. Your first name William Your in game name, also include any other names you use. RCMorganLeFay Your age is? 26 Where you are from? Maine How long you have been playing Minecraft? Since around v1.4 Was our server recommended by a friend? if so, who? Satomi How did you find Rencorner Also Satomi Do you play any other Rencorner games (ie killing floor, terraria)? Bit of Terraria. I like building things XD
  11. lol Volcom, I actually got the joke. Welp.
  12. eh, holidays slow things up.
  13. Turkey yesterday. turkey stew today. maybe turkey pie after that. Turkeys are big =p
  14. Spicy Italian sausage today.