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  1. ShadowFor

    Who plays pubg? Post here!

    i'm also playing :D
  2. ShadowFor

    Christmas Fun War. 16th Dec.

    Won't make it today :( Have fun guys!
  3. ShadowFor

    Christmas Fun War. 16th Dec.

    I will try make it, Put me in yellow group
  4. ShadowFor

    Summer '17 Funwar + GIVEAWAYS!!!

    can't make it working to 9pm :/
  5. ShadowFor

    Whats your name

    Mikael :)
  6. ShadowFor

    RenCorner Inferno [TESTING]

    Works perfect! Nice idea and well done man
  7. ShadowFor

    May 2017 Renegade Promotions + Removals

    Thank you guys! it's fun to be a part of this community!
  8. ShadowFor

    Mr.ed th

    This guy never learns. My opinion is he probably should get bigger punishment soon.
  9. ShadowFor

    War this Saturday!

    I'll be away for birthday party on saturady so wont make it. but if you play sunday also i'm coming!
  10. ShadowFor

    2017-01-04 Birthdays

    thank you guys :D
  11. ShadowFor


    welcome back!
  12. ShadowFor

    Renegade Promotion

    thank you guys! feels good to finally be aboard with you guys