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  1. He has 23 on his name wanna join my clan?
  2. I'm the 10,000 voter on terraria still waiting on my pet turtle...
  3. This never happened when it was my birthday
  4. How come this never happened qhen it my my bdy
  5. I had BurgerKing
  6. Its my bdy I'm 11yrs old today
  7. how do i login properly i dont know how to get voice plz help.
  8. But I never see it
  9. Can I get a link to download andro irc plz?
  10. Can I get link to download andro Irc
  11. So when I click on someone's name in irc I click DCC and then I click chat and it doesn't work
  12. When I type in irc in doesn't appear in the chat and also I forgot how you type without people kngame seeing the message
  13. Thanks ice
  14. I mean like shaitan the name sounds like satan my name is OK atleast mine isn't the devil