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  1. Tshablala 1) What is your real name? Syahir 2) What are you ingame character name(s)? Please pick a main one as well! Laminate 3) How old are you? 14 4) What country and region are you from? Singapore,Singapore 5) How long have you been playing Terraria? Approx 3 Years 6) How did you find our server? Tshock Server List 7) How long have you been playing on our server? 1 Year 8) Why do you want VIP? To Protect My Build And I used to have my Vip till it rip-peroni-pepperoni By Shai Delete Of Account Aboiut A Month Ago
  2. I'm not sure if this has been posted because i asked cheat_Guy to post for me but i couldnt find it. If he did post just delete this thread Hacker:Ser God Mode Hack Enabled Evidence/VIdeo:
  3. My New Name Is Laminate So yea...
  4. I'm SomeWhat back so n0ne 0f y0u wi11 R3m3mb3r M3,Th0se 0f wh0 kn0ws m3,H1.this Thread is just mainly for me to put down random shit that i build cause in terraria i build something someone "borrows" the idea make it into a new one(im looking at u 3L3tr0).I'm mainly posting this picture For Random Fun And Memories So yea.Some of the old mods might remember some of these picture that i took inspiration from and some are made by them like the mod castle (Note:There is some photos that isnt from here but i like to share that as well,the picture may show other server than us but they have shut down so yeah im not promoting cause the thing is dead lel)
  5. 21 times satomi burned me my gawd...
  6. One Person Noticed It
  7. Oh Yeah The Reset Of World Is i think Half Broken I Build My House Above Glass,*World reset*BOOM Magicly Back To My Old House,There A Way To Solve This Remove ALL Chests from houses but not the house and maybe reset the banks too*rip 4 stacks of 999 chroloptyhe ores
  8. I've Been To Server 2 For Quite Some Time i Started Playing Server 2 two Days After It Came Out,I Usually Play Alone(crie evrytiem)as There No One There,I Thought This Could Help "Improve" The Server" -Currency(what is gremmer) Build Currency So That We Could Trade Item To Each other Like SE Economy Is There To Be Smting Not Just The Command For Default To Do /Twins , Try Setting Up A Shop But Prices Are BS absurd,Okay Not Really but Its Just There To Maybe Help People Get Things That Cant Be Achieve,People Too Can Set Up Shops And Maybe Get An Active Mod In Server To Watch For Scam. -Houses(...Hear Me Out) Yes,I Know You Can Build Houses But They Are Wayyyy Too Small For An SSC Server,Its You ONLY Making A Small Hut To Defeat Moon Lord Or Storage All Your Items,Houses Can Also Be To An Assistance To Player Who Wants To Farm Cholorpyhte In Jungle(heheh),That Would Be Much Easier For Player To Prepare For Bosses And E.T For My Suggestion About 50 Blocks High and 100 blocks WIde Maximum And 3 Houses For Default 4 for Vip/Helpers,For Mods And Builder Will Be Decided By You Cause Me Mod = Clueless -Votes?(Hey I ran Out Of SubJects so...) Votes Are Crucial To A Server,(Going wayy too off topic here)I Used To Go To This Server It Got Shut Down Even It achieve A High Amount Of Vote But TShock Crashes And 1-8 People A Day Coming And Not Coming Back Causing Them To Shut Down. Votes Can Be Usefull Such As The First SubJect I Talked About CURRENCY <cant see that You Have Eye Problems i guess i have too.People Vote To Earn Money To Get A Fair Amount Of Money To Help Them KickStart Or Maybe Help Them Get An Edge To Helping Them,That Way We Can Get AtLeast A Higher Range Of Voting, -Building(misleading is is MisLeding) I Know Madara Used The Castle From Previous Worlds But The Signs Clearly And Says (Chest Room To The Left Of Spawn)And Most People Got TROLLED HARDCORE To Find Out There Was Nothing,Try Putting Signs To Show How To Register As People Are Such ****************** AnyWoodles We Can Put Down Tutorials On What This Server Is And Maybe Put A Link To Server 1 Down For People To Go To Server 1....I Could Build But Eh You Give Me Protect Space I'll Start In A Jiffy With maybe Creative mode?no?Okay But You Get The Point To help People Easily Understand What Kind Of Server This is And MAybe Go to Server 1 -Recap(CAUSE I CAN DELWIFIT) H.e.l.p Server 2-end of recap I Hope You Can Take Some Of These Idea Into Consideration And Maybe See How It Progess.IM ALWAYS ALONE 24-7
  9. Yeah yesterday all my account was set to 0 copper whats up with that
  10. Oh gawd no
  11. XD just hope i never go in that account if not all chase for me XD
  12. Now Please do not kill me for my SE economy pls
  13. I didnt hack or anything apprently i killed Mikel Had 800+ Se Economany and i killed him
  14. i was there he has working with Bill Cipher i didnt manage in time to get the evidence but i was there