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  1. fratboy

    Vegetarianism Debate

    I don't like this kind of research because there are so many uncontrollable variables. People aren't lab rats. They get around and lie. If you could grow a human in a lab and study effects of different diets on cellular level, then it'd be a valid study. I like a balanced diet. If I liked the taste of fish, I would probably stay away from meat a lot more. But I hate fish, so a steak is my best friend. Also, the argument of processed meat isn't valid for my region either. I have deer grazing in my front yard every day. It's just the matter of buying hunting licence. Not eating meat for moral reasons is a different story and it's perfectly cool. As long as they don't push their morals on everyone else.
  2. fratboy

    November Voting Competition

    Helloooo Minecrafters! After a long delay, here are the November top 3 winners. speedracre -- 100 Votes Darkdeathknight -- 90 Votes sariko -- 78 Votes Congratulations and thank you for voting! Please contact me with what time of day and what time region you play in so I can deliver the rewards (Sariko + speedracre). Also, these players get to enjoy the golden nicks until end of January, due to delayed recognition. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- December competition is almost over. Make sure you get in those last few votes to be the next winner. Check out how and why to vote here: http://rencorner.com/index.php/topic/7735-how-and-why-to-vote/ Have any other questions or concerns? Send me a Private Message, reply to the post, or hit me up in game. Thank You and Happy Holidays, BeastMistery aka fratboy ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 43 username:Joetorp 42 username:Occassius 28 username:warlord83 24 username:scythemaster892 20 username:Sapphire6778 20 username:Blim 16 username:Skyguy92 13 username:pmac1922 8 username:keennuts 8 username:Kangaroooo 7 username:Lawtonhughes 7 username:Keennuts 6 username:FlamingFury 6 username:aboheman 5 username:woolwind 5 username:Hayley_Faith 4 username:masterking63451 4 username:Goonhaven 4 username:fantasticfuzzy 4 username:EagleSniper10 4 username:DrSithis 4 username:biowulf97 3 username:XzMasonzX 3 username:orikitsune 3 username:IGotNoLife 3 username:Dar 2 username:VandalSoul 2 username:M_Army 2 username:hoekje 1 username:_ShadowPaw_ 1 username:Satomi 1 username:MrSpaceGoat 1 username:LawtonHughes 1 username:Guard 1 username:eatmapopo 1 username:cazembe 1 username:CaptainProblem 1 username:BeastMistery 1 username:Anonymous
  3. fratboy

    Voting Competition Winners of October, 2015

    Works fine for me and I see some other votes on that page
  4. fratboy

    Voting Competition Winners of October, 2015

    second voting page? We only count the four websites that are shown in the the voting post
  5. Once again, voting websites have been reset. Ending the competition for October. The top three winners are as follows: Darkdeathknight - 104 Votes warlord83 - 89 Votes sariko - 80 Votes Congratulations and Thank You all for dedicated voting! Enjoy your Gold nicks (Guard can CONTINUE enjoying his ) and I will try to catch you in game right away to hand out the prizes. ------------------------------------------------ This marks the start of the November competition! Get voting now for a chance to be the next winner! Make sure to vote on all FOUR(4) websites, as they all add up to your final score. Check out how and why to vote here:http://rencorner.com/index.php/topic/7735-how-and-why-to-vote/ Have any other questions or concerns? Send me a Private Message, reply to the post, or hit me up in game. ​Thank You and Happy Halloween, BeastMistery aka Fratboy ------------------------------------------------ 57 username:Occassius 46 username:FlamingFury 37 username:Joetorp 37 username:Goonhaven 35 username:BeastMistery 30 username:keennuts 27 username:pmac1922 26 username:scythemaster892 24 username:Blim 16 username:woolwind 15 username:Sapphire6778 15 username:LawtonHughes 15 username:Keennuts 13 username:speedracre 13 username:aboheman 9 username:Hayley_Faith 8 username:GioExtreme 8 username:DrSithis 8 username:bubblegumunicorn 8 username:Ashbury137 6 username:Crockco 5 username:XzMasonzX 5 username:hedgehog_0 5 username:cazembe 4 username:Kangaroooo 4 username:Anonymous 3 username:coldfire1391 2 username:Omgitsalster 2 username:Gemarilo 2 username:Chase13701 2 username:antmastro 1 username:weirdboy99 1 username:TheChickenSuit 1 username:Satomi 1 username:sar 1 username:MrSpaceGoat 1 username:Ho_Bo_Jo 1 username:goomba320 1 username:Euann 1 username:cupcakeshark 1 username:chubbs579
  6. fratboy

    14+ discussion forums

    didnt know we had this 0.o 19
  7. fratboy

    Minecraft application

    they never said what happens if you take both
  8. fratboy

    Voting Winners of September, 2015

    You could try going to individual websites and searching for rencorner. Your phone might not like the special window we have for the sites.
  9. Alright! The Voting websites have refreshed, officially ending the month. The following top three winners are as follows: Darkdeathknight - 97 Votes Blim - 80 Votes EvoKez - 79 Votes Congratulations and Thank you for active voting! I will try to catch you in game to hand out your prizes (the amazing Volcom Stones ). Otherwise, PM me so that can be sorted. Also, enjoy your Golden nicks. They will expire at the end of October, unless you win again -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- October competition begins RIGHT NOW. Make sure you vote on all FOUR(4) websites for maximum prizes and chance to be in top three at the end of the month. Check out our Voting topic here: http://rencorner.com/index.php/topic/7735-how-and-why-to-vote/ Have any other questions or concerns? Send me a Private Message, reply to the post, or hit me up in game. Thank You and Happy Voting, BeastMistery aka Fratboy ---------------------------------------------------- 62 username:hedgehog_0 58 username:warlord83 52 username:BeastMistery 52 username:Ashbury137 42 username:Sapphire6778 37 username:Occassius 33 username:Joetorp 20 username:LawtonHughes 15 username:FlamingFury 14 username:woolwind 14 username:pmac1922 12 username:therobfather3 11 username:LightningFire01 8 username:taggart91 8 username:NeeonCat 8 username:HunterTDM2006 7 username:antmastro 6 username:cupcakeshark 6 username:Crockco 4 username:keennuts 4 username:gillerthekiller5 4 username:bayoumonkey 3 username:scythemaster892 3 username:Keennuts 3 username:Hayley_Faith 3 username:aboheman 2 username:ZachJ5 2 username:Tajima_Uchiha 1 username:Voxpop9 1 username:Volcom_Ren 1 username:SnowmanFTG 1 username:FallenDaisyxp 1 username:Fallendaisyxp 1 username:cazembe 1 username:camflht 1 username:Anonymous
  10. My power goes out and i miss all the fun shit <.<

  11. fratboy

    New Donation fratboy

    or have a steady job lol
  12. Luke Skywalker is 64 today

  13. fratboy

    Koentjep needs Temp Mute

    yep, stick him on the watch list
  14. fratboy

    Advanced App

    build a doge house next
  15. fratboy

    Terraria Promotion