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  1. Epic walls game tbh
  2. Lol... Just glad i can help you guys out
  3. GG boys and girls, it was very enjoyable...especially that hail mary of an apc rush we did on walls LOL @Manuel857@mdogg1108 If you can figure out who came runner up on the field game, please give them my prize :)
  4. I just thought I'd share a few too haha
  5. What's up people, my name is Mort
  6. @mdogg1108 I'm in bro
  7. What's next months bill looking like?
  8. I guess everyone has their own opinion about this, but for me I find it bad form to use. At a certain point it defeats the purpose of sbh, and from what ive seen since this post has been started, more and more people are abusing it. Whats fun about getting spotted by an apc miles away? Defeats the purpose of spys too. GDI has its advantages just like NOD, leaving them at an equilibrium, but with the abuse of this id say advantage is with GDI now; nod cant do anything about gdi's higher hp and firepower, but now gdi can spot stealth units from a mile away. Sure if someone notices their retina turn off randomly and think it might be an sbh, thats cool. But someone actively waiting at the back of gdi ref on complex and abusing this glitch for 2-3 hours is just wrong. Imagine renegade where every player knows how to do this, sbh will be completely obsolete. Its not the same as 1 man wall hops because it can be avoided by simply not doing it, and since both teams can do it, I find that comparison irrelevant. Theres no glitch nod can use which makes a gdi unit completely useless.... Just how invising was banned cuz it makes the game impossible and ruins the fun and point of the game, id say this is the same concept.
  9. Personally I dont buy it. Me and fori were standing completley still 8-10 mammy lengths away (meters dont feel right in ren haha) and all of a sudden ramjet shots are fired in our direction. Based on the youtube video he shouldve HSed us directly if the target showed our position. At other times he would be looking and walk right past us, as if it was something turned on or off. AAlso what was suspect to me is that when those ramjet shots are fired, any which way I run, he constanlty moves in the same direction regardless of how many times I change direction. Unfortunately I recorded nothing and foris video didnt work out :/ I wont believe this "glitch" until i test it out myself and see whats possible, or not, while using it.