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  1. Thanks mate I haven't been around ren that much lately. I keep up to date over at Jelly, but hadn't played before our final weekend matches in more than a year. Couldn't miss a chance to get into some renedrama. I miss it Glad to finally have an account here!
  2. Sure sure! We only care when it's here
  3. Thanks RC for doing your bit for the greater Rene community for this Jelly event. Ah the to RGCT2 drama, it's been a while since I've got to weigh in on this topic! We debated that incident for a week, I remember the effort that went into 3 bloody ramjet shots. The most infamous 3 shots in rene-history? Just had a look and it reached 9 pages in the private discussion by the end. We recreated events, with several people verifying results and using RGH to replicate those shots. And that discussion involved many sources including myself, tiesto, liquid, ethenal, raven, hex, volcom, hypnos, goztow, Prulez and Gumby too. Hex made a mistake, which led to the public fuckup and back-tracking. We made a mistake to post it publicly too early and that cost us. The information we had didn't point at cheating. Whether Hex's mistake was an honest one or not (I believe it was), we couldn't ban her without better proof and the only proof we had pointed to lag. I think we also took consolation in her being a lone sniper wasn't the deciding factor in that match. I'm surprised with that information you were privy too, that you still hold the view you do. I feel the way you, hex and n00bless stepped out of that tournament was embarrassing, but it was also a shame that members of both sides of that continued the slander as far as I remember. And Os cheating at the end....can't say as the admin team we didn't see that coming....such is ren. At least gorilla was stupid enough to make it obvious. As far as the rene community goes, unlike liq I think it was worth it. There were a few decent games and I think the majority of the general rene-public had a good time in matches. So I'm happy with that. As lots of things in life staff/management were in the firing line. I had fun when I got to play anyway