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  1. i leik luca's plot so ill vote on it ;p
  2. k there it is ->
  3. i made out a theme here if anyone want to test it out it's here (im going make anothers, so ill put them here) THEME.deskthemepack
  4. i think it was happening while i was AFK
  5. if u think it was downloaded no it was me i accelerated a mc music now its so coool 21.mp4
  6. i think you guys cant beat my space blocks (end portals) so
  7. maby you, maby me, maby someone, maby sky.... (maby = maybe)
  8. ill make laik a end temple, but il need delete my steve
  9. idea: make a temple, so put end gateways on it, the command for putting endgateways on it is /setblock (coordinates) minecraft:end_gateway
  10. in creative people will come flying out with elytras, Shields and dragon heads lol
  11. nvm now it's working
  12. hey i tried to connect with 1.8 but it ain't working