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  1. i don't care what you guys do to ed he can be VERY annoying. and thanks dippy for explaining why its harder then it looks to mute him with out muting the whole family!, but the reason why i was cross was like a month ago (im not sure who) someone managed to make it so me and butterfly could talk and not ed but then like what shia said. he got re-ip muted after being un-muted almost immediately
  2. did you mods forget or something? i get its hard to un-mute me and butter from /ip mute but comon 3 months??? i've been waiting and waiting for you mods to do something but nope you guys are lazy/don't stay true to your word and i'm getting sick and tired of having to go on the forums just to post about us being muted over and over again
  3. the memes are dank glad someone knows
  4. wow that fun war was so much fun! and the ending of the last clip explains why i love this game XD
  5. welcome to iB!!! :beerrrr:

    1. cazembe


      thanks!!! :Ohjoy:

  6. happy birthday guard!
  7. im gonna join as well thanks to mdogg telling me what fun wars was about love to play see y'all on saturday!
  8. wow thanks everyone ill join back after new years is over :D (im gonna have a party with my sister!) and congratz on sr mod hedge and full mod cam
  9. yeah i know how it is' mr.ed can be VERY hard to deal with both in game and in real life i can tell you that any day but ok thanks for leting me know shia
  10. hello everyone im jr.ed in renegade (formally known as cazembe in minecraft) ive been banned for something my mother's husband did (mr.ed) he was abusing bots shia ip banned me and him and i just wanted to say please unbanned me as soon as you can thank you -caz
  11. thanks guys :D and ill tell butterfly when i can manny
  12. tanks shai
  13. happy birthday chris
  14. What happened to Butterfly?

  15. good luck camflht