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  1. and my favorite
  2. who cares? if you cant win, you are bored, or you have to go just leave. I really hate all bored players who complain on public chat after ~1h @ehhwhats your nick ingame?
  3. increase to 1 hour or remove AOW completely
  4. i suggest to add for tests best maps from MPF server, my proposition are: cracked_b10-the most dynamic map I have ever played, many tunels, total mess in tib field between refineries, 100% fun, never boring, every team can win by building destruction in every moment no matter which building died before dawn_raid_db-dynamic flying map with tunels to refs/air/bar players never skipped those maps+both maps are symetric and both teams have equal chance for victory
  5. vielen dank :D
  6. @dubstarit doesnt work, I know because I had the same problem
  7. the problem is HDD, it turns off if not used and then turns on again. all you need is run something in background to prevent HDD from stop spin or buy SSD
  8. xD owned it was weird but funny
  9. because I like wasting my life. wasted I wasted ~170 days in last 2 years by playing renegade
  10. interesting but useless, with sniper rifle works very bad. for sakura doesnt work at all
  11. add this to jukebox :)
  12. this? , < key
  13. @Pumahow did you disable background in messages in left top corner? I found :D
  14. 2) I agree