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  1. Happy Birthday dude.

  2. It's been nearly a year since I was last here.  I see Killing Floor has died out.  What's everyone playing these days?

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    2. devotedslacker


      Is it on Steam?  If not, do you have a link?

    3. mdogg1108


      I don't have a link. It's not on Steam, it's an old game. Any videos or picture you look at won't do it justice. You would just have to play it with some people from here to really get a feel for it. If you wanted to download it, go here and download the "Game" one to install it. Someone here can help you with getting a serial if it asks you.

    4. devotedslacker


      Awesome, thank you!

  3. Are there any others here who intend to get the game on PS4? If so, feel free to add Dettbizzle on PSN.
  4. I found RenCorner by accident through Killing Floor. I noticed there was a Doom 2 map, so I figured what the hell, right? Little did I know how frantic it gets in a tiny map like that. It provided such a sense of dread and the need to work as a team that I KNEW I had to keep coming back. And now, here I am!
  5. Anyone playing on the KF Doom 24/7 server tomorrow?

  6. Closing in on level 5 Medic...

  7. Thanks! I didn't even realize I didn't mention what server it was. My apologies. And I will do my best to remind you.
  8. I encountered a player under the name Gletch at 17:00 Central, and entered the server to find him abusing players through in-game chat. Is there a way to rid ourselves of players like this without having the capability to initiate a vote to kick a player? I'm fairly certain I handled this totally wrong on my part as a fellow player, and I apologize for that. Screenshots are enclosed.
  9. Overall, I'm hoping to enjoy playing with this community. The last REAL community I played with was ShitStorm (S.S.) from Wolfenstein: ET back in 2007.
  10. Just wanted to come by and introduce myself to the community, as I've been playing Killing Floor on the RenCorner Doom 24/7 Normal server for some time now. If anyone ever sees Dr. Bizzle or Dettbizzle in the server, that's me. Feel free to say hi!