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  1. So...when's the next batch of cocaine and strippers coming in? I was promised cocaine, and weed, lots of weed.
  2. Have you ever felt an urge to go eat a jar of peanut butter?

  3. So, I had an idea on a new staff application format since the current one is little bit "iffy". Any feedback would be great. IGN/S: Age: Maturity: I {insert name here} agree to the staff rules and will dedicate at least 2 hours per day to Rencorner. In addition, I will agree that I will not to do anything to disrepute Rencorner or any of it's other servers, publicly, privately, explicitly and/or implicitly, and understand that on the breach of this agreement I may be banned and/or demoted. Short Answer (Required) My experience: Improvements: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Optional I donated on {insert date} Required Timezone: My bans/mutes/warns record: Long Answer (Required) Why do I want to be staff: What will I do when I get staff: Scenarios (required) Long Answer What I will do when someone is hack accusing: What I will do when someone is hacking: What I will do when someone is spamming: What I will do when someone scammed me: What I will do when someone reports me on the forums: What I will do when I am not sure if someone is hacking or not: Screensharing What program(s) will I use: What folders will you go through when you screenshare: Real life Scenarios (note a staff is required to be on 2 hours/day) (choose 1) You came back from school 2 hours before the time you should sleep and you have 2 hours' worth of homework / studying. What will I do: Your parents have banished you from touching any electronic device for the rest of the day. What will I do: Additional (Optional):
  4. Boy does this one look ugly, like me. We could be friends.
  5. I'm not good with farewells, but eh, wouldn't hurt to try. Anyways, I've decided to move on from being an immature little prick and focus on my education, life and all that sort of jazz, it's not that anyone would notice or care in the first place. But anyways, thank you, good friends. I doubt I'd be seeing any of you from so forth. Farewell. - Demon
  6. Gorgeous.
  7. You are my next target.
  8. K-pop stars dying the middle of their concerts.

  9. Name 2 things that you do for fun.
  10. I'm busy throwing burning pieces of paper at people's houses. I joke I joke, I'm busy trying to tame everything in ark.
  11. LSV's, Jesus christ. They taste like shit.
  12. Yup, totally joining.
  13. 15 Do I get payed?