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  1. Accepted, and I'll grant Veteran status like I said. Welcome back. :) That said, lolimzebradude is not registered on either server, and I can't promote an account that doesn't exist. Register it and let us know, then I'll give you the rank.
  2. Veteran is for people who held VIP prior to our update - you were a default: [12.26.16 01:12:36] <&RCterraria2> (Default) <zebra dude> executed /playing That said, I will grant you Veteran if you go through the normal VIP application process now. :)
  3. Happy birthday :v

    1. Satomi



  4. I'm still older than you ;) Accepted. Welcome back!
  5. Holy crap that is a huge signature.... If you haven't played since our update, your account will simply not be in the system anymore. You just need to re-register it and you're good to go. If you had VIP in the past, contact me once you've made an account and I'll look into it and restore it.
  6. Since our update in June, you have only joined in the last 3 days - 'stik' was registered on July 25th. Your IP address was spotted with the characters: pvp lord, frisk (Feb 7th) nicdastic_gaminYT (Feb 4th) red eye (Jan 7th, Jan 27th, in the last 3 days) stic da wizard (Jan 7th, Dec 20th, Dec 16th) You have also joined on a couple of other names, including 'nicdastic', 'stickius|||', 'a random fisherman', 'stiksoffhandaccount' and 'kituinanda', in the last 3 days. We welcome you as part of our community, but we require staff to be both active and honest. You have been on a grand total of 9 dates in the last 7 months, which does not qualify as 'active' by any reasonable definition; you also claim to have been playing 'all day, everyday', which is not an accurate statement. If you wish to be part of our staff, please consider reapplying once you have played actively for at least two weeks and can resolve to be upfront and honest with staff. Your application is thereby denied at this time. Have a great day! (Oh, and anyone is free to build a CTG/spleef arena - or other minigames - on our server! If you build one and want it considered for protection, contact a staff member.)
  7. We look for mods who are active and a part of the community. You haven't been on the server in 9 days. I have been watching for you for two weeks, and I never find you online. Please consider reapplying when you are able to be an active member of our server, but given your extreme inactivity, your application this time is denied. :)
  8. As previously mentioned, consider this your formal warning. You have broken every rule we have in the last year, including hacking on your character WIZARD. Tread lightly. I am not your mother, and excuses like 'it wasn't me, it was my brother/friend' and 'I don't even know how to hack' carry no weight. If you make a threat, you will be taken at your word, even if we know you don't have the skills.
  9. This isn't a matter of hacking - just poor decision making by one of our young Filipino players.
  10. Okay then, Anthony or Jelo. Not the owner's account, obviously, just one you made which displays your IP address. Good job on that. While you're clearly full of shit, bear in mind that if you make threats - however shitty the threats are - you will be taken seriously. As you both share the same dynamic ISP, you can consider yourselves both warned.
  11. You've had 3 VIP accounts and we've changed your password 8 times due to forgetfulness, and the last two times you were warned that 1) you won't get more resets and 2) you won't get more VIP transfers. If you don't care about VIP or your accounts enough to write your password down somewhere, it's not fair to expect us to keep making up for your mistakes. Figure out your passwords, please.
  12. Hi

    I told you this same thing, directly, the last time you returned. You said the same thing then, too, Jelo. Yes, you can play here as long as you follow the rules. Here's that post, in case you forgot.
  13. ivandg 0 Started conversation: 2 hours ago · Report 1) What is your real name? ivan 2) What are you ingame character name(s)? Please pick a main one as well! ivandg 3) How old are you? 15 4) What country and region are you from? colombia 5) How long have you been playing Terraria? 1 year 6) How did you find our server? en internet 7) How long have you been playing on our server? very time 8) Why do you want VIP? for ranks :3 Approving it directly.

    Hola satomi como puedo ser vip en servidor terraria rencorner 7779 :)

  15. (Approving this myself - filing on behalf of a kid who isn't allowed to sign up for accounts.) 1) What is your real name? Logan 2) What are you ingame character name(s)? Please pick a main one as well! LoganNixon 3) How old are you? 11 4) What country and region are you from? Ohio 5) How long have you been playing Terraria? 4 years 6) How did you find our server? Looking up servers on google and your number 1 7) How long have you been playing on our server? 6 days (checked) 8) Why do you want VIP? to help and do more