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  1. Lol Dampertje: "Nod no tp I see" as they rush into tunnels!
  2. War0n please send me one when they are done :)
  3. I can lead you to webshops?
  4. What is this sorcery I get stuck at 50 fps :(
  5. Anyone remember the 6 hour under game which got finished by a damage-hacking APC that drove in and killed all tanks and AGT in 3 seconds? That was a very effective way to clear up the entrance!
  6. Do staff get to cheat?
  7. Can someone remove one of the two spaces between GDI and Harvester on the message: "GDI Harvester under attack" I noticed it recently and it's been pissing me off XD
  8. Wow
  9. Hahaha this is hilarious XD
  10. One time, I reversed his own trick on him. I went up GDI wall as sbh and dumped a timed on his head. (!madboomhs) He ran off to OSTKnick to get it repaired and I just lolled SO HARD! The walls were shaking! Still laugh thinking back at it.
  11. W00t new giveaway! When will most deaths come?
  12. I can't !madboomhs when I finish a page of a book.
  13. This is on behalf of RmiNfire because he wants mad sounds really badly but cannot donate from where he is at. Kiss2
  14. It should not be allowed on Metro to camp the obby with MRLS. It's clearly b2b and too difficult to hit the tanks from Nod base.