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  1. I didnt see you rage :o
  2. What happened to Nortons?
  3. Delete aimbot.exe
  4. You can also do it if you have the keys installed, via extended options. I would suggest not have a "drop all" key installed, because fancy pressing the wrong button and you drop all your weapons..
  5. Lol Dampertje: "Nod no tp I see" as they rush into tunnels!
  6. War0n please send me one when they are done :)
  7. I can lead you to webshops?
  8. What is this sorcery I get stuck at 50 fps :(
  9. Anyone remember the 6 hour under game which got finished by a damage-hacking APC that drove in and killed all tanks and AGT in 3 seconds? That was a very effective way to clear up the entrance!
  10. Do staff get to cheat?
  11. Can someone remove one of the two spaces between GDI and Harvester on the message: "GDI Harvester under attack" I noticed it recently and it's been pissing me off XD
  12. Wow
  13. Hahaha this is hilarious XD
  14. One time, I reversed his own trick on him. I went up GDI wall as sbh and dumped a timed on his head. (!madboomhs) He ran off to OSTKnick to get it repaired and I just lolled SO HARD! The walls were shaking! Still laugh thinking back at it.