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  1. WhatIsLove

    Issues profile song?

    Shai, could you reupload that pic? Thanks in advance. Still got issues, tried converting files to nearly 3MB but i still get nothing. Dunno if there is a max bitrate limit.
  2. Yo! What's up? 

    1. WhatIsLove


      Dogs. How are you my main man?
      Chilling, checking the forums a bit. Plan to get back these days to Ren, busy busy. Work, graphic design, and kids. 

    2. mdogg1108


      I'm doing well man. Hope to see you on Ren soon :D

  3. WhatIsLove

    Where are all the old school ren players

    Ahh yes, i remember, Castiel was his name i believe. Think he was crushu06's brother. You can still listen to it, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3LFJxgJ5J0
  4. WhatIsLove

    remove shotguns from engineers/techs/hotwires

    Agreed. An early APC rush at a building is almost impossible to counter if your team is dicking around at different locations. Yes it's not impossible, but most of the time i'm going solo against like 4 shotgunners, some also using c4s. Fully agree with GoTWhisKeY.
  5. WhatIsLove

    March Giveaway Winners



  7. WhatIsLove

    Happy Birthday Shai

    Have a good day! Party time!
  8. WhatIsLove


    Who else to plant nukes/ions behind then?
  9. WhatIsLove

    Don't let your dreams be dreams

    Yeah, Hengelo. Thinking about moving to Enschede though, this place gets more boring every day. Lots of places closing. At least i'm pretty close to work. Hengelo-o-o xD
  10. WhatIsLove

    Remove the Spy Crate

    The match wasn't really a lose cus of the spy. Like pyr0 said, only 2 people including me were at the agt when nod launched a full rush, destroying it. What i DO like to see is some kind of voting option for spies to give the spy stats to another teammate when the spy is a newbie. How many 'aaahhs' i've seen because of new players just walking to tanks with they're spies, lol.

  12. WhatIsLove

    Don't let your dreams be dreams

    Good day, the name is Shia LaBeouf, (former GekkeG) being called upon from the ashes of the Jelly Empire, to serve in the Rencorner army as motivator. JUST DO IT! YES YOU CAN! Anyway, been playing on here for a while now, some of you i already know, some i don't, but i'm just here to have a good time and hope to alt2 with everyone As one of the last Ren servers alive, i salute you all for doing awesome work Shia medals inc. Not much else to say, i'm 23, from the Netherlands, got 2 brats (boy/girl) and a gf, currently work at Thales, and do freelancer drawing. I think one of the reasons i still come back to Ren is because of the way it was made, no other shooter can give that awesome feeling like using the team to rush with 50 mammy's after a 10 hour map, right? See you all in-game