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  1. u00fzTar

    Ingame polls

    Yeah, 2hours ago we were 35 people, now we are at 0 :( Oh and we had a max of 44 people ingame btw.
  2. u00fzTar

    Ingame polls

    We just ended a 3hour Field (with all buildings alive) with a gameover poll. Only 7 people (20%) decided to end it lol Can we maybe change it back, so non voting people auto vote no? Or at least increase it to 50% It was a nice game and kinda dumb that 7 people could end it that way :( [23:24] <&RCAOW> Host: [BR] NO GDI [4|24%|11%] Nod [1|6%|3%] [23:24] <&RCAOW> Host: [BR] TOTAL YES [7|20%] NO [5|14%] [23:24] <&RCAOW> Host: [BR] Voted [12|34%] DidNotVote [23|66%] [23:24] <&RCAOW> Host: [BR] Vote to change the next map in the rotation. PASSED. [23:24] <&RCAOW> Host: [BR] Switching to next map in rotation in 3 seconds. [23:24] <&RCAOW> [Gameover] GDI has won the game by Server Shutdown, lasted 03.29.53 [Map: C&C_Field_RxD.mix, GDI: 125379 Nod: 87548] [35/60]
  3. u00fzTar


    Happy Birthday! May you get some extra boost ^^