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  1. We should focus on actual things first.. ? We tested some new game settings last 2 days. But nobody writes Feedback there. So why u go discussing next topic. http://rencorner.com/index.php?/topic/11323-timed-maps/&do=getLastComment
  2. Even with 120 mines they will overmine
  3. 45mins for AOW now was a good change. Maps are much more enjoyable. !weapons off is also very nice, u can still pick up dropped weps but now u have to "work" for it, not only sta<ying afk till 1,5k reached -Adem style- and not everybody have a !srep, only techs/hotties, so killing enemy bases will be more fun now I didn't notice any DNA, but if you still think about it, again, please -No- Field_rxd now mara , nice, and without !weapons you can't buy pimps anymore. Yay like the settings
  4. We talk about increasing time limits and you want add DNA? Sry but im out if this comes up. Fuck MPF -.- (Whatever Atomix developed.. ) Bye bye Renegade ;-( ? Please not.
  5. I already wrote that in the first BeerBaron Topic. For me this is stupic acting. Whatever your personal problems are, you should put Renegade at 1st. BeerBaron everytime played awesome. He bought more tanks than Gozy. He already lost his rights. And you all piss on him cause he did a single statement to his action. I dont get it.
  6. And what about this High Tech Forum? Also MPF dont have a Terraria or Minecraft Server
  7. That's not true lol. We frequently have 3 or 4 AOW maps in a row. Same with mara mode. So its 50:50. And it kills the server! And tbh it feels more than u r the only one who wants it... Didn't you notice that the last time Rencorner "marathon" is more and more empty, while MPF is filled? I have no problem with the fixed timed maps (Field_rxd, Sand_rxd, Under) but the rest should be marathon... Edit: I posted before I read mdoggs post, he exactly discribed the situation imo
  8. Did you know that Usdatbone = mr.ed ? xD
  9. make a suggestion at least, this hater mood only causes that nothing will be changed by administration. They might ask themself why they should be the bitch everytime for a change which is done for the community
  10. Sand is awesome. STop bitching for a map, which is fixed in 30mins mode. Its only 1 time in the rotation. And many ppl like this map. Add niagra? Would be the idea of the year :D Maybe replace it for one of the 3(!) Complex maps in the rotation list. ?
  11. I dont know if it will be funny, with that (really terrible) lag peaks ingame. I dont mean the constant 150 Ping, which causes some little warping.(for europeans, or "non americans") I mean the lag peaks with 1000+ ping It's hard to play sometimes, especially tank rushs The idea itself "Rc staff vs Public" sounds good ^^ We should avoid AGT maps like Under. He loves camping it xD
  12. I'm in! I never won it without using "cheats" on Dblaneys Test Server.. Its really hard (without teamplay) And the big rabbit is to strong imho, lol. At least it would be nice if u increase the respawn counter some up. Only 3 Deaths is really hard ^^ But yeah, lets do it!
  13. You could make it for both, like BunkersTS. But for me there is another question: Allow 360° rotation? For every map? Or only "special" maps like BunkersTS / MetroTS? Do you remember the pimp hummvee from Niagra? How about it? (Or others like the recon bike) Isn't there the danger to go a way like MPF? To change or add abilitys, which cause a new gameplay?
  14. Grower.ch - All you need to grow up your weed (: