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  1. OSTKbaguette

    zunnie - The myth, the man, the legend.

    Rest In Peace Zunnie back in the old days when i used to play in the MPF server, i always hated going against him cause he was Such a great player, we will miss you
  2. OSTKbaguette

    Renegade Ladders

    http://rencorner.com/Ladder/Marathon/Overall/ http://rencorner.com/Ladder/Marathon/Monthly/ it says that this page is not working rencorner.com is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500 What the issue?
  3. OSTKbaguette


    How Can I fix that? game2 2018-07-05 23-53-31-61.bmp
  4. OSTKbaguette

    Higher ping

    Algeria, Country in Africa, i usually play on Europe Servers when i play a game online and Mdogg1108 for your information, i used a anthore name just to test out my ping, i know it wouldn't change
  5. OSTKbaguette

    Higher ping

    i Dont know When was the last time i played this game, maybe 6 or 7 months ago, But i can remmeber that i was playing with a ping 180-200, My God, It Become Impossible To Play This Days, My Ping Keep Getting High and high , Now it 280-300, is there anyway to fix that? I was playing Undercover like a week ago With a new name to check my ping, in result, i struggle to kill a player with a tank, i cant even run them over, it look like that they are teleporting form a side to anthore, they only thing i can do right now is to stay in the base and repairing tanks and buildings
  6. OSTKbaguette

    Anyone here still playing?

  7. OSTKbaguette

    Anyone here still playing?

    Thx Mr.Rage,are you going to ban me now?or mute me?ohhh im so scared Mr.Rage
  8. OSTKbaguette

    Anyone here still playing?

    im done with that,im getting insulted and bullying everytime i speak and i did nothing,im tired of everyone in this community
  9. OSTKbaguette

    Anyone here still playing?

    and if you can stop calling me "bread" that will be cool cuz i dont like bullying,even if it got the same meaning
  10. OSTKbaguette

    Anyone here still playing?

    The Funny thing is this Topic Got Not Replied for One Year and it was the last Topic Here,That Sad lol
  11. OSTKbaguette

    Anyone here still playing?

    Poor Mikey,Forever Alone
  12. OSTKbaguette

    Dogg's Dankest

    Press Continue
  13. OSTKbaguette

    Dogg's Dankest

    That A new one lol
  14. OSTKbaguette

    Happy Birthday Jesse!

    happy birthday :D