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  1. I just think it would be hilarious haha
  2. There should be a day where all the characters are the size of hobbits.
  3. Vanilla ren is fun, Im a huge fan of it myself and prefer it. However I think the player base likes the features as they are. People forget the vast majority of players are not posting on this forum at all, nor do they have a clue what happens here. They just join and get used to servers they prefer and stay there. The reality is, the server needs consistency to stay alive, changing rules needs to stop. The game is old enough taking away from what people can do is akin to removing !weapons, your getting rid of features people can use. Im one of those people that actually would prefer no rules and watch the frenzy unfold, thats why people liked Jelly, there really was a period of time you could do whatever you want except b2b. Its fun. Keep the fun in the game, not everyone is a balance nazi who cares about whats fair and balanced. I remember when you could hop ref for a while there, all that happened was everyone else learned to do it too and next thing you know ref hopping became too predictable. /end rant
  4. I think doing the !kill in response to what you think is an invisihug is a little childish, there really should be a warning and it really should be anticipated someone is going to freak out over that. however I also think comming at the entire mod team is just silly and childish. Like you cant just waltz in here demanding people get their status removed, paint the squad with a broad brush and expect anything constructive, you should expect they will freak out over that All in all you both suck, forget about it and see you on the field.
  5. Those would great maps to do it on, I can only imagine stanks and sbh running into each other lmaooo
  6. Just a random thought and I don't know if it's possible but, have a day where it's literally nod char/veh vs nod char/veh and same for gdi vs gdi. I don't know if this is even possible to do but it would make for some pretty sharp gameplay I imagine!
  7. The only reason for removing this would be if it was unfair but it's not. Anyone and everyone can do it. If your tired of gettting wrecked, learn how to do it to. Banning tactics that obviously take more skill to pull off doesn't make sense. This isn't like ref hopping where clearly nod has an advantage. It's just neutral.
  8. A no rules day would be fun! Flaming veh, wall and building hopping, tunnel nuking, etc. it would be pretty epic. There should be a no headshots day, all damage is like a body shot no matter where it lands. That would be hilarious.
  9. Makes me wanna hop back into some rene today! Gdi going on to win on pts is why aow is silly
  10. !snipe hand of nod obviously
  11. Perhaps we can simply put some things to a vote in the form of a poll. Let the community decide so that what will keep the player base happy is what would carry the highest vote. Dna thing seems cool, one thing to keep in mind though is balance and if it would throw anything off. Im assuming you dont scoop up any c4 if you get a tech/engie. If so thats an issue as pointed out earlier Personally not finding much of a difference between that and picking up someones loot when they die except the c4 of course. Lastly it would be well to keep in mind that if people wanted to play crazy non vanillia ren styles they would just end up at mpf. Id say a return to the roots of balanced gameplay would serve the server well. !tank should go away after strip/wf dies. !weapons should go away when you lose bar/hon. It was rightly pointed out that you dont deserve to use a command to buy that which you didnt bother to defend.
  12. Can anyone put together an argument that anything over 30 mins is too long and bad for the server? Not seeing that in any replies yet...
  13. If you like AOW then just leave the game after 30 mins :P but seriously I jammed a few games on sunday and I dont recall playing a non timed map at all. I just ended up leaving when field timed came around because what am I supposed to do with a 30 min field map? If maps are an hr, thats enough time for things to not drag out forever but 30 mins just sets a point whoring tone and a mass exodus after the map is over. I think on that note the other server thats around has like an hr and chance time limit. Seems to work well for them.
  14. Can we remove or at least increase the time limit? I just think 30 mins is too short and doesnt allow for a larger player base to fill games.
  15. There isnt really an argument against mining the back of harv imo. Thats not a flaming veh. Flaming veh comes from throwing timed c4 on an apc (generally speaking) and driving it into vehicles blowing them all up because timed c4 will be constantly going off. Thus the vehicle appears to be "flaming" as its driving. There isnt any sort of tatical skill involved and its just an abuse of proximity to a pt and your vehicle. Also you can get multiple veh kills with this. Really does make for an annoying game. A one time explosion is not what this term refers to. I specifically recall someone named "xil" doing this often back in the day. Anyone can feel free to correct my rene history if Im wrong about that.