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  1. masscarriers

    Renegade Christmas Public Fun War.

    Bump. It's next week, I'll make a message on the server but meanwhile, anybody else wanna subscribe?
  2. masscarriers


    Happy birthday man! have a good one
  3. masscarriers

    December renegade promotions

    Congrats do ||DANTE|| and OSTKSean for being promoted to Full Mods!
  4. masscarriers


    Hey CMPS, You've been accepted! please take a look at the message I sent you, and be sure to log on IRC and follow the procedures. Welcome aboard!
  5. masscarriers


    Accepted. Welcome aboard!
  6. masscarriers


    Congrats and welcome to the team Erik!
  7. masscarriers

    Renegade Christmas Public Fun War.

    Thanks for the initiative Ice! Here's the roster so far, I'll update it as needed. FurinKazan Rackz masscarriers Itai xmobster Manuel ExEric Sean Fuzzy Qjmatrix Please folks indicate whether you prefer Saturday or Sunday, we can make it a two day events but in my experience most people just show up on "the day" and the other one sits mostly empty. TIME : Saturday December 15th / Sunday December 16th. It's probably going to be at 2PM EST / 11AM pacific (for Manny :) ) / 7PM UK / 8PM Germany PLACE : The Commwar channel (Volcom's H2ouse of FUCKwars!). IP is TEAMS : Captain-based. We'll define captains according to who's on TS on the spot. Please get on Teamspeak at least15 minutes in advance, meet the people and hopefully we can get teams sorted and games started before 2h30 O.o
  8. masscarriers

    staff application

    Oh dang, you found our server IP! it is effectively and totally not your own router's IP address Thanks though, I've been looking for a funny signature for years.
  9. masscarriers

    staff application

    That's not even a valid IP lol You sir fail a trolling.