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  1. Two years ago miata started acting like a dumbass on a game of Islands by massing and lining up arties to take a picture. He was half mod at the time. Zephryn pointed it out on forums but it got bad, take a look by yourself : These guys were taken care of appropriately. We don't perma-ban people here unless it's REALLY bad and a repeated offender.
  2. Wait, are you saying that the moderating team isn't serious because of an incident that happened 24 months ago? miata was kicked out of the mod team, kicked out of his clan, and banned for quite some time. What I understand is that you're still not over the fact that they were allowed back to play at some point. Btw these four guys don't even play anymore. You didn't see what transpired behind closed doors but it was pretty brutal. You don't need to believe that it's been dealt with correctly, but I can assure you the current moderation is far from what happened on that fateful day. If that's what keeping you from playing here that is... Otherwise you'll find plenty of good, teamplay filled games around here.
  3. Geeti glitching his way to be #1 forever. Manny must be mad :P
  4. Let me get things straight. You come up here out of nowhere telling people they're too lazy to fix some meaningless bug in a 15+ years old game and hand over the game files. You know very well who the main coder is but can't wait 24h for him to answer your request on forums. Even though Blacky's been paged here (Thanks Dennis) but didn't answer yet, you complain that it's never getting fixed and that everybody's being useless and bad? I wonder who's being butthurt here, really. If it's so urgent for you to see this fixed, why don't you page him yourself on IRC.
  5. remove trist
  6. Good point, also can you make it so that when Under comes up it skips to the next map?
  7. The sounds were only ~50 mbs, I didn't have to download any map. Unless blacky messed with something lol
  8. Needs some snow in the background though
  9. Don't, it's been laggy for a lot of us as well.
  10. I like when people do this, I snipe them; vech get stolen o.O I don't like the rule either, I see a tide of complaints on the horizon. The server.ini thing is the best way to deal with this by far.
  11. I blame Raven. Thanks gozy
  12. Thanks rackz!
  13. thanks fab!
  14. awesome wallpapers
  15. Thanks bud!