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  1. Thanks bud!
  2. Check in your Renegade folder if the file VFS.dll is present, if you can't find it it's possible that your antivirus deleted it. I'm not quite sure if this file is tied to TT's scripts or if it's in the core files, but you'll need to reinstall either the latest scripts, or the whole game. This guy was successful in solving his VFS problems by reinstalling c++ redistributable x86 package on W10, take a look
  3. Good for you. Still missing us? You know what to do.
  4. amazing how he managed to spell your name correctly at the end, with the { and all
  5. Try to delete your ttfs folder in : *user*/appdata/roaming/renegade/client/ttfs
  6. Here's a like for your chatbox posting ^^
  7. Hi

    you sure you got a good renegade.exe linked in renlist?
  8. stacked team
  9. You could try removing !weapons and/or !tank from the game for some time just to see how people react though. Different from Vanilla Wednesday but will please a crowd for sure.
  10. Games on!
  11. Hey Qj, Thanks for applying, your app has been forwarded to the mod section. You'll have news within the next week or so. Good luck!
  12. Remember Vanilla Wednesdays? :P People were bitching so much every time we put it on haha... But I have to agree with you there, I really miss playing without those mods. The least the better IMO.
  13. The no sniper thing on sand was already tested last summer IIRC. People were getting ravs and PICs instead, pretty much the same thing but with lower rate of fire. I didn't dislike it, but it did restrict gameplay and annoy those who did enjoy sand for the sniping game (and people who didn't like sand to begin with won't like it much more).
  14. Kinda hard to reply to those uphill snipers if the only way to reach them is to use a flying vehicle which dies so, so quickly against those very snipers though. I wouldn't be against trying w/ main base defense off but leave the guard towers and such. Could add an interesting twist but I'm pretty convinced it's still going to be a whorefest as soon as we allow hill camping.
  15. I don't know either... I'll just paste what I wrote one of the last time we had this discussion, it's not going to change anyways anytime soon.