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  1. Congrats both of you!
  2. I read the log, here's my 2 cents: Nod won EVERY under and field games. That's because they're open field and it's efficient to snipe techs/arts from far away. No snipers means a bunch of arts can shell the GDI entrance from far away without fear of getting severely punished. PICs don't shoot far enough to be efficient against them, neither are meds and even less mammies. MRLSs would be decent if not for the fact that they somehow die very, very quickly even when teched when there's enough arts around. It's also the type of game that gathers a large number of players, and stalemates are hard to break short of the classic "teched arts push". I've seen lots of Field games where 2-3 GDI snipers would take the end of the field right off the bat and destroy arts/techs before they can turn the corner. They can't shoot the snipers from that far, so they retreat and leave some more time for GDI to cross the field and get in range to establish a blocade. Worse : If Nod controls the tunnel, they can still sneak a rave up there to snipe the hotties. PICs lack the range to do the same when arts are pounding WF from the end of the field. On the other side, GDI won a lot of Mesa games. That's because the "teched arts push" is traditionally countered by mrls/meds/mammies rather than snipers because of the way the cavern is made. Snipers can't snipe techs there or get hurt badly by arts. The advantage here is that since the cavern is so cramped, arties have to expose themselves in order to shoot the WF/Bar, where GDI tanks can get good shots at them. GDI can however establish a solid "cavern" control and pound PP/air rather easily. As opposed to Field/Under, snipers just don't play a big role in this matchup except for the odd one on the bridge or on one of the sides. Same can be said about Canyon and complex, these maps are too cramped where the actual fighting takes place to have snipers shine against arts. GDI tanks can get a clear shot at them straight out of da WF.
  3. +1
  4. Yeah that's an oldie, never thought it was much of a good song though haha
  5. Yeah I could make it for sure
  6. Or maybe something along the lines of Populous / the first Civilization?
  7. Red alert 2 yooooo No clue for the second though
  8. Good lord, that's one hell of a GPU slave. It's quite funny, we used to have lobbywars on a weekly basis last summer, but with school and work/life it just subsided, but with you asking I feel like it can be brought back in a heartbeat. Why not afterall :P
  9. Invis
  10. STFU
  11. I guess it's a big deal, considering you play around 20 minutes /month :P
  12. I've been thinking for a long time to compile TS and RA2 music to add to the jukebox. Might just do that today after all!
  13. Tuxedo
  14. I'll just be speaking for myself here. I don't know if you were expecting to show up here and force your own maps in the rotation this quickly or even change the style the server's been running since 2012, but you'll meet resistance. Since the demise of Jelly we've been running mostly core, unmodified maps with a somewhat classic gameplay as opposed to MPF. It pleases a different crowd of players who wants to play more seriously on maps they know against other knowledgable players. Yes it's true that over the years several fan maps have been added to the rotation following extensive testing, and some of them are permanent fixtures now that people do enjoy. But it took time; remember, we're the last renegade server having a somewhat classic style and we need to be careful with how we manage it. Renegade is on the brink of dying as much as we all don't like it. I'm not a fan of the way you dismiss people who are "afraid of change" and how the downloading part of these maps are the only thing keeping people from playing hundreds of new maps. Most of them have bugs, are imbalanced or just don't fit the type of gameplay people look for when they play around here. MPF is a great place for that, they run heavily modified maps and support a somewhat more laid-back type of play than us, which is really cool but we want to distance from for the sake of diversity. I'm not saying that your maps are bad. I personnaly didn't like backstab but I've heard some did and it's fine. Maybe someday your map will make the rotation, when it's been played several times and people are asking for it. All those maps are still in the database, mods can !snm them to give them a try every now and then when players are willing to give them a go. Shai's been nothing but nice and helpful for putting them in to play for a few days already, you should be thankful for this. But as for making them inside the rotation you'll have to be more patient than this. Especially if this (^) is how you react to us not within 2 weeks of you hanging around here. If you want your maps running NOW on a server... I think you'll have more success running them at MPF.
  15. I doubt it, I wonder how hard it would be to manually remove them all and recompile the map. I told myself one day I'd sit down and learn how to do this kind of stuff, but you know... time/life :P