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  1. [Sat 14:02:55] <&RCAOW> 14Host: [-HOH-]szymek777 has been recommended by BRenBot for: Most Kills on C&C_Under with 1362 frags
  2. It's people that don't know how to do it that have the biggest issues with it. their are many people in this game til this day that can do the light/rail trick very well and it makes big games fun or any game fun with people that are actually decent still in renegade.. Yeah it's unfair and i can drop 3 meds and a mammy or the other way around but it's PART of the game. IF you don't time it right you get hs jumping out and most tanks the player jumps out in the same position so it's not hard to kill someone doing this trick. their is many downsides to it also lol it's a matter of a player being able to hit the person doing it.. I can do it with a light/rail or a med/pic it don't matter. If you practiced like most players have over years upon years and got decent at it i promise you would not be saying that. I don't play ren much anymore but i think trying to kick someone for doing that is pretty stupid imo.
  3. haha na even worse it's XP Pro this was way back in the day lol i just found old files laying on an old pc
  4. I will have to check it out i'm sure i could kf2 got a good amount of players now?
  5. That's a bummer man rip.
  6. Does anyone here still play KF 1? is it still pretty active?. a while back i started a to make a map and well life happened and i've gotten to busy to ever finish it.. I've got a little spare time these days just asking if anyone still plays this game? and is their anyone in RC that's made a map in KF before?. I'd like to see this map finished up and played in rc i think it would be neat.
  7. Every single time me and mintshake join up anymore it's consistent harassment.. just mute gridloc and be done please.
  8. !madahhhhhhhh


    We share our birthday!!!

  9. I can say alot of thing's right now but i'm not going to. Get the fuck over it.
  10. This is kinda funny i think.. a player left and i team changed you and now you have an issue? you were on the bottom of the list and standing their at the time so you got teamchanged. I could of pm'd you yes but i didn't see an issue, We must remove my mod..
  11. You got muted because you don't respect the players or the mod's here. it was something simple you were afk, then you got upset you got pm'd and asked to play or get kicked. It was right after i warned a player for TH. [03:40] <&RCAOW> 08kennyomg: 00kick reet afk [03:40] <&RCAOW> 09[HIDECOMMAND]08 WNxDestr0y3r: !warn marc th [03:40] <&RCAOW> 14Host: MARCEL has been warned by WNxDestr0y3r for 'th'. They now have 1 warning. I warned him then sent you a msg to play.. You then sent me a pm back saying "yeah yeah" but never played you just sat their. Then mintshake asked you to play. [03:40] <&RCAOW> 10[Team] 08%mintshake: reet please play You never played so you got kicked for afk. [03:42] <&RCAOW> reetkever(**.***.**.***) has been kicked from the server: afk not playing. [03:42] <&RCAOW> 11Player reetkever left the game on team 08GDI [0915/60] [03:42] <&RCAOW> [Disconnect] 04reetkever(**.***.**.***) 1234567890123. KICKED! You then rejoined and started being disrespectful. And the thing is this wasn't the first time in the past couple weeks if you can't learn to respect the mods then we can just keep you muted. I'll remove the mute for now.
  12. Sign me up, I'd love to play.
  13. Welcome to Rc man!
  14. Mhmm sound's good count me in. got a date at all?
  15. Not my type of game .