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  1. RmiN

    Merry Christmas Rencorner

    Merry Christmas everyone!
  2. i can't find this server for some reasons :/
  3. RmiN


    50 Kb/s is no enough to download 450 Mb -_- maybe there is another way to download it ?! help?! any links?!
  4. i missed that 15v15 fun war xD
  5. RmiN

    No rules funwars or weekends.

    A voting system for no rules is a great idea in my opinion I think no cheats is better than having cheats on.. Or maybe adding gravity gun for" fun" would be better.. Let's see some mammoths flying C: lol Or getting inside building with hum-vees (please forgive me if i'm spelling that wrong) But having a Friday with no rules is better that having some guys doing TH RmiN
  6. I agree with that Shoutguns makes engis OP (kind of) and without it it would be a little hard to get kills Sand is really boring but a great map to train sniper skills Bunkers is a little bit wired but still a good map Maybe adding some flying maps would be better BC
  7. Nudle

    Happy birthday Arminio!

    1. RmiN



      Thanks bro!

      I thought i'v been forgotten on this Website




  8. RmiN

    Server Rules

    nice rules .. i agree with all of them .. but in some games i saw some guys (I CAN'T REMEMBER THE NAME!) have broken all rules!! i saw that some adminS ( two guys!) were online and there were no reaction for them... a nod buggy was inside of bar (bar's entrance) and the flame tank was flaming through the wf window...
  9. RmiN

    Remove voting system to skip maps.

    Whydid u asked it? Sometimes all players want to skip ... It's really needed n useful ...
  10. RmiN

    Remove the Spy Crate

    !Vote no
  11. RmiN

    !bounty <playername>

    !Vote yes It would be great