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  1. Welcome, TakeNotes
  2. I'm about half way with the nursing program. I thought it was only right. Since I miss you guys and stuff.
  3. Happy birthday, Manny

    1. Manuel857


      Thank you :) 

  4. Oh, hi there.

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    2. Manuel857


      The All American Rejects!!! :D That's why I haven't seen you on Steam in a long ass time, haha. Nursing program must be so tough plus working as well lol. Must be hard for you to get any free time. And I'm fine! Just working a lot as usual. :P

      As for KF, I haven't really played it since we all sorta stopped lol. I do miss playing with you all. Had good times, haha.

    3. Beni


      It's actually pretty alright, Got A's on all my exams and skills assessments so far. I called Notes one time when I thought I failed haha. It is a little stressful but that's because it's so important to me. I feel bad when I have some free time because it feels like I could always be studying for something. 

      Where do you work now?

    4. Manuel857


      That's great!!! Good for you!

      and long story short, I'm back at subway lol. 

      Worked at 2 other jobs, didn't like it/ wasn't for me so I went back because I was in need of money.

      im back in school too after being away from it for 2 years.

  5. I know I can go on Youtube or something, but I love this song so I honestly come to your profile for that. Also hey.

    1. Manuel857


      Hey! I hear this song literally everyday at my work's radio. They love playing this song, haha. Good song! And How's it going!? 

  6. I got into a nursing program. Ayyye. :happy0025:

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    2. Manuel857


      Congrats Beni! Wish you the best!

    3. StJohn Gumby

      StJohn Gumby

      Oooh, uniform. ;)

    4. Beni


      Thank you, thank you! Now I can be a medic IRL. 
      And yes, Gumby, that is the true reason for celebration.  :thumbsup:

  7. hi

    1. Beni


      Every time I try to come back to this site, it's down.


  8. Master has given Dobby a passing grade on board exams. Dobby is a free elf.

    1. Hedgehog
    2. Beni


      THANKS. Was brutal but I'm back. 

  9. Thank you for making it as far as you did. Happy birthday Shai
  10. Putting dozens of those 1-step-bake cookies in the oven for the trick-or-treating children to smell, but not enjoy, as I pass them free candies. And I suppose killing floor. Tis the season.
  11. Oh man, thanks Shai
  12. Welcome back