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  1. May I ask which server? I hope it's the tf2x10 one, is a lot of fun
  2. I'll be around in the weekend for around 10-12 hours a day (but our timezone limits the time we can get together for the PC stuff) I'm hyped
  3. Are there any of these that are added already?
  4. Hello, since I'm new here and I'm going to be developing on the Killing Floor server & get a team fortress 2 server running which I'll also be putting some time in, I'd better introduce me. I'm a social online person that loves developing & working on stuff. I'm always busy & hyped for stuff. so uhm.. what can I say more.. Ehh... I live in Belgium (GMT +1) & since I'm little I've been interested in pc & coding, so unrealscript is my shit. feel free to add me on steam, same name as on the forums. And ofcourse don't forget to get suggestions/bugs going in the bug tracker section so I can work on them. also, I may not be known amongst you guys but I'm trustworthy, take my word for it. See you guys soon~~~~
  5. Harley & EvoKez, will be taken care of. And Evo, tell me what maps to add then. And to Harley, might make custom RTD possibilities, too, now I'm at it