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  1. again, and I will say it over and over...I wasn't asking for him. Simply for my name(s) we don't use eachothers computers for anything (ren or otherwise) nor eachothers nicknames. We are in separate parts of the house. Deal with him how you will (no one knows that he's difficult more than me, trust me on that one...) so as I said, deal with him how you will... I felt pressured when I was a mod to control what he does...and I cannot...I don't know too many men that will kowtow to their woman...but enough of that...he's going to do what he's going to do... I am simply asking to be treated as an individual reneplayer. Oddly enough my son (again in the same house) isn't on the mute...so not sure how it was done...and it doesn't really matter. It just takes away from the game play in my opinion when I cannot communicate with my team.
  2. alrighty then. Thought I'd ask (wasn't asking anything about who I reside with but for myself)...and wow :(
  3. Played under Bombshell until my Butterfly name was "de-modded" haven't played tons due to moving. Seem to be muted. Not sure if it's due to who I live with or what, but I don't recall saying anything that would warrant a mute. Please and thank you.
  4. aw norts..<3 take care man...see ya soon!
  5. ah thanks Joe, couldn't get it set correctly. This is very helpful.
  6. ah, thanks guys. Manny, Im gonna test that now. edited to add: [18:48] <RCAOW> Host: [BR] This server is run on donations. To help out, check out our website for more info. got it thanks Manny
  7. I have searched the forums (and mirc) and cannot find 1. how to have it timestamped and 2. how to ensure it's logging everything Please help? thanks
  8. Do you wanna build a snow man?????? 


  9. 1 player in rencorner...17 in aow...hmmmmm

  10. I muted you for the phrase tar boy. Racism isn't tolerated. I didn't want to retype the phrase out. It is a racial slur, you left before I could lift it and warn.
  11. Signed up there too...sign me up please. Thanks
  12. that one complex map 3 years ago or so (on Jelly) where I met a certain steak/boyfriend. second would be any special occasion maps where funny weapons or recon bikes are given...and tribute games for fallen brothers....
  13. it all helps. thanks bruddah!
  14. Thanks Manny.
  15. Heya DC! bout time you showed up more! let's go wreck some bases!:761_animated_boxing::fighting0029: